Review Gallery 800 – A Family of Artists

Gallery 800 is not just a backbone of the North Hollywood Arts District, it’s one of two vertebrae that comprise the fine art gallery scene in NoHo.

Medical professionals are cringing at the anatomical shortcomings of that metaphor, but my point is this:  Gallery 800 is exactly HALF of all art galleries in NoHo, and it’s the only gallery that churns out quality, accessible art month after month.

The Art Directors Guild’s Gallery 800 (ADG, IATSE Local 800) hosts “A Family of Artists”, an exhibition of family. This mixed media, group show features the personal artwork of over 70 artists. This gallery opening was particularly packed, and most noticeably with children of all ages. As I began to walk around the gallery, I took stock of the subjects purveying each canvas: little girl, grandmother, neighborhood, son. The theme of the group show is family, and the artwork in this exhibition quite literally mirrors that.

A particularly notable artist is Bridget Duffy.

I’ve seen work of hers at Gallery 800 before, but there was something venerable in her work throughout this group show. Bridget Duffy is one of the most talented artists I’ve seen in quite some time, and she’s a humble talent.

Stylistically she paints in hyperrealism, and her subject matter seems to be personal in nature, not just for this show. Duffy halted mid-stride to talk to me after I read her name tag and stopped her to meet her. She had a friend in tow, but it didn’t discourage her from taking time to chat with a stranger (me). The subject of her painting for the show was one of her many granddaughters. Apparently, Duffy has painted portraits of each of her grandchildren as gifts for some occasion or another, but she pointed out the subject of this particular painting at the gallery opening. Her sweet, granddaughter muse was sitting on a bench with some other family members in the middle of the crowded gallery. Duffy more or less says that granddaughter is too young to really understand how cool it is to have a spectacular painting of yourself hanging in a gallery in an historical building in the heart of the NoHo Arts District, but that doesn’t detract from the point of the show – gathering in a space of community and family.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t include that Duffy comes from a family of artists. Josh Duffy, a well-known (very talented) tattoo artist is related to Bridget Duffy. In the words of Josh, and in the spirit of the show, “Art is like diarrhea…it runs in the family.”

Art Director’s Guild – Gallery 800

“A Family of Artists”

Extends through December 15, 2018!

Artists (noncomprehensive list):
Brian Eatwell, John V. Cartwright, Angela Cartwright, Bridget Duffy, Ava Sperry, Bjorn Skirmstad, Chris Maltese, Daniel Maltese, Edward L. Rubin, Jeanne Tierno, John Moffitt, Lara Solanki, Maggie Srmayan, Mia Gilbert, Nancy Skirmstad, Phyllis Thurber-Moffitt, Roberto Rios, Scott Clark, Spencer Brennan, Stasys Pinkus

Abra Brayman

Gallery 800 at the Historic Lankershim Arts Center
5108 Lankershim Blvd.
North Hollywood, CA 91601


  1. The review of A Family of Artists only represented one family,the Duffys. There was no mention of anyone else or their artwork. Would have liked more of an overall review. Stasys.

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