Resurrection Fern “Savana” Single Release

This single is a lovely, winsome, love song.  Breathlessly mournful, heartbreakingly sung.

There’s a kind of strength in the vocals though.  It’s not wimpy and broken, Resurrection Fern sings with a strength and a hypnotizing and beautifully pure folksy sound.

This is her first single release from her upcoming EP. Although this song is actually not written by her, she was asked by her very close friend to record it and loved the results so much it’s become the first release… of many, I hope!

She is also at the forefront of the new Twitch TV.  She performs live for her “FernFans” and it’s through this uniquely intimate digital community that she has been able to pursue her independent musical metamorphosis.

She’s Jewel like, with a little Sarah McLachlan for good measure.  Her voice is delicate but powerful and the combined effect works brilliantly.  The song is simple, haunting and very, very catchy…loved it!!

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