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Restaurant Review Icekrave, NoHo Fresh

Restaurant Review

Icekrave, NoHo Fresh, 5235 Lankershim Blvd, North Hollywood

I’ve long thought there was something missing in NoHo…something sweet, something fruity, something uniquely delicious and healthy.

The recently opened ‘Icekrave’ is exactly what the doctor ordered.

They serve healthy, fresh, organic juices, cold pressed on the premises twice daily. Organic, probiotic filled, freshly made delicious Frozen Yoghurt, Custard, Italian Ice, Gelato and Sorbet with flavors to die for and amazing, tasty and ridiculously healthy smoothies, and for those of you in a hurry fresh shots, infused with everything you need to invigorate and heal.

Icekrave is a one stop shop for what’s best for your body, with a little sweet naughtyness mixed in so you can be good to your soul too.

Henry Abelyan, owner operator, created Icekrave with a dream that healthy could also be delicious.

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Icekrave is one of the few shops in town that presses its own daily delivery of fruits and vegetables, and you can tell that their love for ‘NoHo fresh’ guarantees that everything they sell is the healthiest and best tasting combination.

So what did I try? Well a little bit of everything of course! And believe me when I say I could have stayed a lot longer and tried a lot more!

I am a bit of a frozen yogurt lover, and usually I want to add lots of fresh fruit and toppings, but Icekrave’s frozen yogurt is so sublime that I found I didn’t need to top it off with anything! Their selection changes, they like to keep things interesting for their customers, but I hope they keep the pecan pie frozen yogurt as I think I may fade away without it…

NoHo is blessed with unique businesses established and run by people with a drive to bring great products and service to the neighborhood and Icekrave is another reason to frequent the Lankershim corridor. They stay open late, 10 in the week and 11 on the weekends, which is great for the theatre crowd, of which I am usually one. The shop has a really retro feel, without being too contrived and felt very ‘London’ to me somehow. With plenty to space outside to sit and people watch, but very relaxed and welcoming and the staff are very knowledgable and sweet, no snootyness here!

The last time I visited I was feeling a little under the weather so I tried one of their cold pressed specialities, Green 3…which kicked my potential cold’s butt…it must have been the cayenne!!

icekrave north hollywood noho arts district 1

But pretty much everything they have is delicious, so wether you are popping in for a pick me up shot or juice, thirsty for something more meal like with a filling smoothie or feeling like treating yourself to some sweetly indulgent frozen dessert, they have you covered.

Isn’t it nice to know NoHo has it’s very own nutritious nirvana with kale, cayenne, custard and sprinkles…

I absolutely love this place, it’s a cross between an apothecary and an an ice cream parlor.

I highly recommend Icekrave, it’s dessert without the guilt!!

It’s now a regular stop for me in NoHo, in fact I believe I may become their best customer if I’m not too careful!

Ask for Henry, he can guide you through the menu and help you find the best combination of goodness and gorgeousness.

Tell them Samantha from nohoartsdistrict.com sent you!

Click here for directions to IceKrave, their opening times and more info!



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