“Resistiré 2020”


With the political nightmares, the physical and mental pandemic suffering, and the economic collapse of our neighborhoods, we need something to keep us motivated and focused. Music has the power to put us in better moods, to lift our spirits.

But sometimes we need an anthem.

“Resistiré 2020” is a remake of DÚO DINAMICO’s 1989 original. The remake was recorded by 30 Spanish artists to raise money for COVID19 charities and include: Alex Ubago, Andrés Suárez, Álvaro Soler, Blas Cantó, Carlos Baute, Conchita, David Bisbal, David Otero, David Summers, Despistaos, Diana Navarro, Dvicio, Efecto Mariposa, Efecto Pasillo, Ele, Georgina, India, Jose Mercé, Josemi Carmona, Manuel Carrasco, Melendi, Mikel Erentxun, Nil Moliner, Pastora Soler, Pedro Guerra, Pitingo, Rosana, Rozalén, Rulo, Sofía Ellar and Vanesa Martín.

Resistere’ means I will resist but also, I will endure. It is a rich word that means we will be resilient and not give up.

This verse gives us hope:
“Resistiré para seguir viviendo (I won’t give up so I can continue living)
Soportaré los golpes y jamás me rendiré (take the hits and never give up)
Y aunque los sueños se me rompan en pedazos (Even if my dreams break into pieces)
Resistiré, resistiré (I will endure)

Warner Music Mexico also asked Mexican musicians to record a version of “Resistere’” to raise spirits and funds for the Coronavirus that features: Aída Cuevas, Belinda, Benny, Bronco, Camila, Cristian Castro, Dld, Edith Márquez, Gloria Trevi, Ha * Ash, Horacio Palencia, Kinky, Leonel García, Lila Downs, María José, María León , MC Davo, Mijares, Moenia, Paty Cantú, Rio Roma, Rodrigo Dávila, Sandra Echeverría, Ximena Sariñana, Yahir, Arath Herce, Axel Muñiz, Caztro, Chucho Rivas and Kaia Lana.

Here’s the original “Resistiré” by DÚO DINAMICO. Still a jam.

While music has the power to change our moods, our vote has the power to make change.

Keep making music that moves us… to the voting polls.

Lisa Bianconi
Author: Lisa Bianconi

Editor of www.nohoartsdistrict.com