Music Reviews: Reluctant Zero “Hurt No More” Single Release

Reluctant Zero Hurt No More music review

North Virginia-based Reluctant Zero are much, much more than a very clever name. 

“Hurt No More” is such a brilliant track, haunting, deceptively simple, great guitar breaks, excellent hook, meaningfully catchy. A very hard stretch for what seems to be a very serious band.

The song is gorgeously produced, harmonious, unpredictable, purposeful, the kind of song that grows and grows as you play it. It comes from somewhere real, the lyrics, the vocals, the gorgeous, teasing suspension of the pay off. 

Reluctant Zero “Hurt No More” Single Release

It never ceases to amaze me just how incredible music can make you feel, how the very best songs can transport us and support us and remind us all how deeply connected we all are. How so much more the same we are than different.

Going through stuff, pulled one way then the other, I love rock songs with a tender centre and this song has that exceptional, epic vulnerability that makes for a classic song. 

Where is the movie that requires this as its soundtrack? Loved it! More please, Reluctant Zero.  I hear they have an album in the works. So I will definitely be looking out for it.

Musicians: Matthew Rector – Rhythm Guitar and Vocals, Felix Barca – Lead Guitar, Dave Jones – Bass, Chris Scott – Drums

Producer Name(s): John Brooks

Music Review: Reluctant Zero “Hurt No More” Single Release



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Samantha Simmonds-Ronceros
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