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Reasons Why Your Hair Is No Longer Shiny And Healthy


There are numerous daily habits you have and that simply destroy your hair. As time passes it is often seen that hair loses shine and is no longer as healthy as it used to be. This is all because we take our hair for granted. According to top hair extensions experts in Denver, more and more people each day opt for extensions and try to regain their natural shine. If you do care about your hair’s health, make sure you learn why your hair is not looking as great as it used to. Some very common reasons are presented below.

Improper Diet

Most people do not realize the fact that what we eat affects our entire health, including that of our hair. Your diet is important because hair follicles are actual living organisms. Nourishment is necessary in order to thrive. As the body becomes deficient in important nutrients, it decides where available nutrients are sent. The vital organs are those that are the top priority. Your hair follicles simply receive what is left.

Be sure that you focus on foods that are as natural as possible. Try to avoid nutrient-light, high-calorie foods, sugary treats, grains and processed foods. Some of the best foods for hair health are fruits, organic animal protein and vegetables.


They do not call stress a silent killer for nothing. The rumors that stress turns hair gray are not that far away from the truth as you might expect. Physiological stress will affect hair health, even if you think this is not true. As the body is affected by stress, hair suffers. One of the reasons why this is correct is that kidneys and adrenal glands are very important in removing the toxins from your body. When stress levels are high, these parts of the body simply work way too hard and cannot properly process toxins. At the same time, psychological or emotional stress can easily lead to increased physiological stress.

If you cannot reduce stress factors in your life, at least make sure that you rest as much as the body needs.

Using Conventional Conditioners And Shampoos

One thing most people do not know is that most hair care products in stores are filled with highly dangerous chemicals like parabens, ammonia, sulfates and even plastics. In fact, you can find sulfates in over 90% of the modern body washes and shampoos. Because they are so common most think they are not harmful. In reality, these substances create various side effects that the hair feels like brittleness, dryness and dulling.

Try to get rid of the regular conditioners and shampoos and use products that are at least sulfate-free. These automatically make your hair better-looking.

Heat Damage

Last but not least, we should mention that most people expose their hair to excessive heat way too often. This does not include just the sun. It also includes flat irons, hot oil treatments and blow dryers. It is really important that you are smart with all the heat that you expose your hair too. Consider alternatives and make sure you never overdo it.