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Really Common Mistakes Beginners Make When They Learn To Play The Guitar


It is always fun to learn how to play the guitar but many mistakes can be made during this time. If you want to speed up the learning process, let’s talk about the common mistakes you do want to avoid. Denver Folklore, currently selling the best Santa Cruz, Collings, Taylor and Martin acoustic guitar selection, identifies the following as the most common mistakes beginners make.

Improperly Holding The Guitar

For beginners it is not at all easy to properly hold the guitar. It is really important to learn how to use guitar curves so the instrument hugs the body. When seated, you can easily use knee curve and the rib cage. When you stand, guitar curves can be used to hug the rib cage. If you hold the guitar right, arms are freed and you can focus more on the technique you use while playing.

Not Tuning Every Single Time The Guitar Is Played

Tuning can be altered every single time the guitar is set down. This is why you want to be sure you do minor tuning adjustments every time you pick up your instrument to play. Electric tuners are obviously highly recommended.

Not Using The Services Of A Teacher

There are so many that start learning how to play the guitar by reading some tutorials. They just think there is no need of a teacher but such a thought process is completely incorrect. It is really challenging to learn how to properly use strumming and picking techniques if there is not a professional teacher that is showing you what to do. At least tame some lessons since they are going to make you feel a lot more confident. Your technique will be better and you can learn a lot faster.

Improperly Holding The Chords

A proper fingering technique is absolutely necessary as you play your guitar. If you use it, chords are going to be quite simple to play. You will also feel a lot more comfortable as you are strumming on your guitar.

Not Using Barre Chords

You use the barre chord by holding a finger across frets and placing your other fingers in the appropriate position. Something like this does feel awkward, especially for beginners. However, after you get used to using barre chords, playing is going to exponentially improve, which is definitely what you want as a guitar player.

Trying To Learn From Everyone

After you learn the basics of playing the guitar, you are tempted to start getting lessons from many different teachers. It is important to be careful as you choose who to learn playing from. What works really well for someone else might not be great in your case. Practice what is learned and become completely comfortable with every single concept before you move to another teacher or something else to learn.

Not Playing The Guitar In Front Of Others

Last but not least, the beginner is often nervous and does not want to play the guitar in front of others. Remember that when you perform you build confidence. If a mistake is made you should not dwell on it. Just show off the hard work you put into learning to play the guitar and enjoy it.