Quick and Easy: Accessing the Best of NoHo from Burbank Airport

Quick and Easy: Accessing the Best of NoHo from Burbank Airport
Photo by Owen Lystrup on Unsplash

North Hollywood, or NoHo as it’s affectionately known, is a vibrant district in Los Angeles filled with cultural and artistic experiences. More than that, it’s easy to get to. Travelers flying into Burbank Airport will be pleased to know that they have quite a few ways to make it to NoHo, all of which are quick and hassle-free.

Why Visit North Hollywood?

Before talking about how to best make the trip from Burbank to NoHo, let’s first dial in on what makes it such an attractive destination. If you could only use one word to describe the area, it would be creativity. From theaters like the historic El Portal Theatre hosting captivating performances year-round to art galleries showcasing works from emerging and established artists, NoHo is where creatives get to shine.

As you might expect in a district so heavily focused on culture, Noho scores high marks for its dining scene and nightlife. You’ll find everything from casual street food stalls to high-end eateries from just about every cuisine you can imagine. After dinner, sample some inventive cocktails at one of NoHo’s bars or head to one of the many lounges featuring live comedy acts. No matter what your interests are, you won’t have any trouble finding a way to indulge them in NoHo.

Quick and Easy: Accessing the Best of NoHo from Burbank Airport
Photo by tommao wang on Unsplash

Traveling to NoHo

Before you can enjoy everything that NoHo has to offer, you have to figure out exactly how you’re going to get there. Thankfully, due to the closely located and very well-connected Burbank Airport, traveling to the area is a breeze. Travelers can effortlessly find direct cheap flights to Burbank from carriers like JetSuiteX and Alaska Airlines. Being a smaller airport, Burbank is very easy to navigate, too, meaning that you’ll be on your way in no time. That’s why it’s touted as the ideal airport to arrive into for a city break.

Once you’re ready to depart the airport, you have several different options to choose from for getting into the heart of NoHo. The first choice to consider is the Metrolink. Although this rail service will not take you directly to North Hollywood Station, it will get you fairly close. The Metrolink is located right near the airport terminal, and a five-minute journey will take you to Downtown Burbank Station. From here, you’ll need to either catch a bus, taxi, or ride-sharing service for the final 20-minute drive to North Hollywood.

If you’re okay with a slightly longer travel time, you can take the bus. The Metro Bus has an extensive network throughout most of LA County, and buses run every 20 minutes on weekdays between Burbank Airport and NoHo. You can expect the ride to take about 30-40 minutes, depending on the traffic.

Quick and Easy: Accessing the Best of NoHo from Burbank Airport
Photo by Jesus Garcia on Unsplash

Another bus option that might appeal is the BurbankBus. While this may not be much different from Metro Bus, this service is operated directly by the City of Burbank, and it’s designed specifically to serve the needs of local residents. During busy hours, you can find these buses as often as every 15 minutes, and they have a Burbank Airport direct to NoHo route.

Although a bit more expensive, sometimes there’s just no match for the door-to-door service offered by taxis. You’ll find them readily available outside the airport, and you can expect to pay somewhere in the range of $35-$45 for the trip. If you’ve had a long flight and you don’t want to deal with navigating the public transport system, this might just be your best option.

Whether as a standalone trip or the beginning of a bigger one, North Hollywood is worth your time. Fly into the smaller Burbank Airport, quickly and easily make your way into NoHo, and begin enjoying everything that the region has to offer.