Poetry and Spoken Word the Same Thing?

The staff at NoHoArtsDistrict.com surveyed 40 people in the NoHo Arts District and none of them knew the difference between poetry and spoken word.  So, we decided to go to the “Source” for anything poetry or spoken word.  That place is the Bakery Poetry Lounge, right here in North Hollywood.  We got the answer from Marcus J. Fort, founder and creator of the Bakery Lounge  “The difference between spoken word and poetry is that spoken word is performance poetry with rhythm/music deriving from rap culture giving the audience that visual/animated aspect rather than poetry being more abstract sometimes with no rhythm or rhyme.”  Marcus went on to say “Spoken Word has always been looked over for many years but thanks to Russell Simmons DEF POETRY there has been some light shed on the poetry community causing many poetry lounges to be created such as the Bakery Poetry Lounge.”

The Bakery Poetry Lounge calls NoHo PAC its home (11020 Lankershim Blvd).  It is the type of place that makes NoHo a very unique place. Since the Bakery Lounge opened on Jan 13, 2011, it has featured poets such as  Red Eye, Matt Sedillo, Mr. Poetic, Sarah Winters, William Catlett, Derrick Waddell and April Rose. With musical performances by HipNott Records hip hop artists Convinced and Raven Sorvino. And also special appearances by Dj Mark1, Cypher lounge radio host Hassahn Phenomenon and Dasha Chadwick, comedian Luke Curry, actress Megan Good and Oakland Athletics’ Coco Crisp.

At the Bakery Poetry Lounge in North Hollywood you will always find something fresh and something new, whether poetry, live music or comedy. It’s home for any fan or artist.  Marcus put it just right “Here at The Bakery Lounge we do not judge or criticize, we appreciate the arts.”  “My experience with spoken word and poetry is that through words you can connect to many people on a spiritual level.  Also that the words that are spoken are words the others don’t have the courage to say.”

The Bakery Lounge is one of the best poetry venues that Los Angeles has to offer and it’s right here in North Hollywood.  They offer the stage to anyone who is willing to tell their story/art . Experience the new and fresh vibe that is thriving in the heart of the NoHo Arts District.

You can capture the hard work and persistence from Marcus and The Bakery Lounge team the 2nd and 4th Thursday of the month.   Check it out…pure enjoyment.





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