Planning Wedding Bliss During the Pandemic

Trying to plan a wedding during the most stable times can be nerve-racking; add to that you’re trying to do it during a global pandemic, it may seem near impossible.

There are several things to take into consideration when planning your wedding with the ever-evolving COVID-19 pandemic. Many of the things you previously took for granted, such as most social events and conventions, have been canceled. It’s also the cause of airlines canceling flights and lots of rule changes for travelers.

The key to planning your wedding and not losing your sanity is to make and follow a checklist. Keep detailed notes highlighting important dates, such as the photoshoot for your engagement announcements. Organize your list in the order of events and details you have to plan.


With the ever-changing mandates and guidelines set out by the government, it can be extremely frustrating trying to iron out the details of your big day. It’s important to express your emotions as they emerge. If you feel overwhelmed and feel like you could just cry, let it out! Suppressing your emotions will just add to your frustrations, and they’ll manifest inside you and come out at the worst possible time. Allow yourself to be honest about how you’re feeling, and you’ll have a better handle on things overall.

Stay up to date on restrictions and how they will affect you and your big day. First and foremost, your safety and the safety of your guests should take precedence. You should have two or three guest lists ready if there are issues with people traveling from other states or countries. There’s a possibility you’ll have to downsize your guest list to accommodate travel restrictions.


It is important to pay attention to the details when planning any wedding, with all the uncertainty the coronavirus is inflicting on you, some details are more important than ever. A prime example of the details you need to be especially vigilant while in contact with vendors. Make sure you know and understand the restrictions of having to reschedule your wedding. Will you lose your deposit? What is the timeframe for rescheduling without suffering any consequences? Try to get a COVID-19 clause written into the contract to protect both you and the vendor.

Plan, Plan & Plan

With so much uncertainty as to what tomorrow holds, the only way to plan your wedding is to be sure you prepare for possible eventualities. Although vaccines are not mandated, consider planning and clarifying that you expect your attendees to be vaccinated. Obviously, you’re concerned for the safety of all involved. If you’re upfront about your guests getting the vaccine, you can avoid a potential stumbling block.

Just as you have a couple of alternate guest lists, be prepared to have alternate wedding plans in place. With the uncertainty of who will or can attend, you may also run into difficulties with your ideal venue. Worst case scenario, consider having a smaller wedding and plan for a reception at a later date. A great future date could be on the weekend of your first anniversary. Hopefully, the world will have calmed down and become more accommodating to large gatherings.

Just because it may not be feasible to have the large wedding you always dreamed of doesn’t mean your special day will be a bust. With proper planning and alternative approaches, you can have smaller, more intimate nuptial ceremonies and the reception of a lifetime later on.

The pandemic doesn’t have to ruin your day of wedded bliss. With adequate planning and backup options at the ready, your wedding will be the euphoria you’ve always pictured.