Pitfire’s Fall Menu

Pitfire's Fall Menu
Pitfire's Fall Menu

Pitfire’s fall menu shows their commitment to seasonal ingredients which they’ve turned into some scrumptious dishes with the best flavors of this season. 

This year’s awesome autumn line-up includes: 

Smashing Pumpkin Pizza // Goat Cheese, Greens, Pumpkin Oil, Pepitas

Crispy Potato Pizza // Blue Cheese, Bacon, Green Onion, Crème Fraîche

House Baked Focaccia // Asiago, Jalapeño, Carmelized Onion 

Shaved Brussels Sprout Salad // Goat Cheese, Almonds, Cranberries

Roasted Beets // Strauss Greek Yogurt, Everything Spice

Salt Baked Sweet Potato // Hot Honey Butter

Pitfire's Fall Menu
Pitfire’s Fall Menu

Thoughts on Pitfire’s fall menu from Pitfire Pizza/ American Gonzo Food Corp CEO Jeff Goodman.

“The vibes of Pitfire’s fall menu are definitely in favor of seeking comfort. We really all deserve a chance to treat ourselves maybe more than ever this year and enjoy the turn towards a new season.

Some of the Pitfire’s fall menu items are returns of guest favorites from years past, and some are brand new flavors to fall. The beloved Smashing Pumpkin pizza makes its yearly show-stopping fall appearance, as well as the Shaved Brussels Sprouts Salad that our guests crave and ask for year-round.

You’ll find that the House Baked Focaccia and Dressed Avocado have stuck around from the summer, but with a seasonal switch. Dressed Avocado now pops with bright citrus flavors of fall and early winter, while the Focaccia speaks to comfort with delicious, toasty caramelized onion and asiago. Both are perfect accompaniments for any Pitfire meal.

Pitfire's Fall Menu - Crispy Potato
Pitfire’s Fall Menu – Crispy Potato

If you’re looking for something new to cozy up to, we highly suggest the Crispy Potato pizza topped with blue cheese and bacon. This is a recipe we had developed for the summer menu that really seemed to feel a bit more like fall.

Pitfire FallPitfire's Fall Menus - Roasted Beets Menu's - Roasted Beets
Pitfire’s Fall Menus – Roasted Beets

The Roasted Beets with super creamy Straus Greek yogurt and everything spice were inspired by the Everything Baguette over at Superba. We really wanted to find a way to incorporate “everything” into a Pitfire dish, and the flavors work really well with a humble ingredient like beets.

Lastly, don’t miss out on the Salt Baked Sweet Potato, which brings seriously tasty “treat yourself” energy.

Also, we have Oktoberfest beer in all locations and we just launched Liter Steins in all locations for select session-able beers.”

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