Beyond the Martini: “Picking up the Pieces” workshop

We here at are always thrilled when we hear about new events, classes and things that really set our neighborhood apart. Well, it all boils down to the people making these things happen. We have been fans of The Sherry Theatre since it opened in NoHo and appreciate all the creativity that comes from this black box theatre space. We got the chance to chat with Katherine Boecher about a unique workshop she’s created. It’s highly focused on the actor and on a particular scenario. Her Beyond the Martini: “Picking up the Pieces workshop will be held on March 19 and April 16. So North Hollywood, meet Katherine.

What is Beyond the Martini: “Picking up the Pieces” workshop all about?
It’s a workshop to help actors to effectively respond, re-engage and re-energize after emotionally draining roles. One of the greatest obstacles working actors will deal with in their career is the fallout from being emotionally involved in heavy material. This three-hour workshop tackles the difficult problem we as actors have of taking our work home with us. Faced with the inability to release the work, our relationships and our lives suffer. Too many actors have been bound by this dilemma. We explore how that affects our personal and professional lives, and investigates how we can face it head on, making it work for us, with the greater goal of service to our art and our communities.

katherine boecherWhat will an actor expect to take from the workshop?
The actor will learn to:
• Take control of the storyline, incorporating your unique experience to grow both personally and professionally.
• Make your support systems an integral part of your experience, deepening your relationships both on and off set
• Evolve as an artist, dramatically increasing your audience.

We will present applicable strategies that will equip working actors to transform their post job experience from exhaustion, feat, anger and confusion into exciting, organic, and resilient service to their team, their families, their work and their communities.

WHEN: March 19 7-10PM and April 16 7-10PM
WHERE: The Sherry Theatre 11052 Magnolia Blvd. North Hollywood, CA 91601
REGISTER: | Twitter @mizzboecher

Why did you decide to create What is Beyond the Martini: “Picking up the Pieces” workshop?
Actors are accustomed to taking work home with them. Stars from Kevin Bacon to Heath Ledger have been quoted discussing this exact issue. It’s a problem we all face from time to time. One particular year I played several battered women in a row, on shows ranging from The Closer to Perception to Heroes to Past Life. After hours and hours on set, in that headspace, take after take of crying real tears in a hostage situation, or screaming as I was dragged down the hall by my neck, my emotional health began to suffer. I found myself dealing with anxiety and depression that I couldn’t seem to shake. My work life was going great, but at home I was a wreck. I couldn’t figure out why. It took me over a year and quite a bit of money in therapy to pinpoint the issue. I was loading in all of these imaginary memories, imaginary circumstances into my body, and playing them out on screen, but I wasn’t doing the work to unload them after the work was over. I wasn’t healing. It was out of my own work to return to a healthy place and develop a technique for myself to be able to rebound after doing the work I love to do in a way that would get me back to enjoying my family and my new baby as quickly as possible, that I realized I might be able to help other actors as well, to be of service to other actors dealing with the same issue.

“Anyone who gets nightmares from Fox’s creepy thriller The Following isn’t alone. The two stars say it happens to them, too. Kevin Bacon and James Purefoy both said Monday they take work home with them sometimes.” -AP Mobile


How are you involved in the NoHo Arts District?
I’ve been a part of The Sherry Theater since its inception. My husband Lukas is the managing director of the theater, and we were planning our wedding while we were building the Sherry theater, converting it from a derelict store front into the beautiful theater it is, with Scott Haze and a close knit group of our artist friends. I shared the stage while acting in the first play we ever opened at the Sherry Theater, DEVILS NIGHT, written, directed, and starring Scott Haze. We even had our engagement dinner inside that theater! Most recently I’ve partnered with actress and fellow Sherry Theater member Ciera Parrack for her Nights Of Soul, reading my poetry to some wonderful audiences. I also assist with management of the theater. We have a great community here in North Hollywood that has continued to grow as our little theater has.

I’m a grateful alumna of Playhouse West right here in North Hollywood, as well as Warner Loughlin in Hollywood.

Katherine BoecherA little more about Katherine

“Most recently I had the incredible opportunity of working with Joaquin Phoenix for Spike Jonze on the film HER, out now in theaters. Unfortunately all of my characters storyline was taken out in post production, but I am keeping the experience with me! – Katherine Boecher

Katherine Boecher, (also known as “Pippi”), made her feature film debut in Shonda Rhimes’ CROSSROADS (2002), and has been drawing accolades for her work in television and film ever since, cementing her reputation as a multi-talented, up-and-coming young actress. She starred opposite Jackie Chan in the Lionsgate comedy THE SPY NEXT DOOR, (which grossed over $50 million worldwide). Katherine’s other major title film credits include director Michael Bay’s power-packed, action film BAD BOYS 2, as well as a memorable role opposite Winona Ryder, Wes Bentley and Ray Romano in the independent film THE LAST WORD (Official Sundance Film Festival Selection).

On television, the versatile actress is best known for her recurring guest star role on the CW’s SUPERNATURAL (as the demon Lilith), and she has toured the globe speaking to fans of the popular series. Katherine has also guest starred on Emmy winning shows like MAD MEN and THE CLOSER, as well as CSI:NY and PERCEPTION (TNT). Born in Beaumont, Texas, and raised in Kansas, Katherine began her career as a model at age 14, signing with the exclusive FORD modeling agency in New York, and at only 5’6″, becoming the shortest model to sign with the top agency. Katherine has traveled around the world extensively as an international model, walking the runways and living abroad in Milan, Paris, London and Tokyo. She has appeared in Italian Vogue, Harpers Bazaar,and Elle, among many other publications.

Wanting to explore more of her creative talents, Katherine first moved to Los Angeles in 2002, quickly booking her a television commercial and shortly thereafter a series regular role on the television pilot, TRASH, for Warner Brothers. When she is not working in front of the camera, Katherine spends her time on the other side of the camera for Makin Movies Man!, a production company she founded in 2013 with her husband, actor Lukas Behnken. Katherine and Lukas live in Pasadena with a lively bunch of animals and the light of their lives, a 10 month old son that Katherine gave birth to naturally at their home. Katherine spends her extra time working as an activist for recovery, ending domestic violence, and promoting natural birth and attachment parenting.

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