Great news for the pet-parent world! On August 21st, California’s governor signed a new bill permitting dogs at outdoor dining locations. Gov. Jerry Brown developed statewide implementations for restaurants to accommodate pets, including having a separate entrance for outdoor seating, and regulating how dogs are to be maintained while dining.

This is especially great news for those of us living in the wonderful NoHo Arts District and who love to have dinner for two. There have always been amazing places to dine in the arts district, and now your doggies can enjoy the same deliciousness you have! Even better news is that the arts district has a TON of restaurants with outdoor seating. Eating out can be a whole new adventure again!

For your dining pleasure, below is a list of some of the restaurants in the NoHo Arts District where you and your pet can dine. Enjoy!

Right in the middle of all the action there are a few coffee hotspot cafes. The first is The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf. Wi-fi and outdoor seating with shade are just a few bonuses you and your pup will enjoy here. The drinks are dynamic and delicious and there may even be nibbles that are dog-friendly!

Starbucks is another cafe that lands on the corner of two main arts district roads. This location is always packed and popular, and the outdoor seating is more secure with concrete barriers between the seats and the roads. There’s plenty of shade and plenty of artists to mingle with!

Republic of Pie goes down as a favorite on my list. Not only does it have wi-fi and shaded outdoor seating, but the menu. is. delicious. Try the chai tea latte or any of the pastries and meals – they’re to die for! Of the three coffee hot spots, this is the place where most of the doggies frequent. You’ll likely run into someone you know here, and after a few visits, so will your pup!


There are so many that not all can fit on the list, so here are my favorites!

Bow & Truss is so posh that your pet will leave holding its head a little higher. This restaurant screams “artistic” and “upscale”, and it has the menu to match. The outdoor seating is romantic and relaxed, bring your dog and they’ll most likely provide a bowl of their best water for him or her.

The Eclectic is another trendy restaurant on a popular and main road. The entire menu is made from scratch, so you and your pet will have quality and delicious dishes. This location is prime for its perfect weather control, and the outdoor seating has an open yet secure layout.

Want more than just food? Check out Pyramido! This Greek and Mediterranean restaurant offers one of the largest outdoor seating of this bunch, and is a fun place to enjoy hookah! The combination of the two will likely leave you and your furry loved one relaxing here for longer periods.

For more casual places to dine, Skynny Kitchen is the place to be. The outdoor seating is limited, but worth the visit. The design and layout are very smart and earthy, just the place where your dog wants to be.

Pitfire Artisan Pizza is another restaurant with large outdoor seating. Ordering is more fast paced and breezy here. This restaurant is another place where, when visited often enough, your doggy will likely see friends on a regular basis. Plus, the pizza is delish!

Hopefully this inspires you to take your pet on a dining spree and explore some great food. Eat, relax, and introduce your pup to all the places you’re sure to love!

NOTE: **Just because it’s legal, restaurants can still ban canines by outdoor tables if they choose. It’s up to the individual eatery to decide whether or not to accept the policy. Before taking your dog, check with the eatery if they allow dogs on their patio.**