Pet District – From Coast to Coast: Why Your Pet Thanks You For Choosing California

My entire past week was spent experiencing the many different cultures and environments during a cross country road trip from Virginia to California. What I discovered, (or should I say confirmed), is that we are the best pet owners in the nation! First, let me acknowledge that I’m perfectly aware how impossible it is for me not to be biased on the subject since I was born and raised here. Now that the disclaimer is out of the way, hooray Californians! We are the BEST! Not only do we live the good life, our pets do too! They’re the most exotic, talented, happy and loyal pets I’ve seen, and it only took a handful of states to compare to for me to realize it. 

Dogs on the East Coast don’t get to play outside


Outdoor activities are generally avoided in cold weather states. While stopped in Virginia, Tennessee and Arkansas, I could count the number of people I saw walking their dogs on one hand! The few I did see out with their pets were heavily bundled up, and their pets looked more cold than happy. Since there were so few other people outside, I wonder how often dogs get to play and interact with other dogs. Somehow, the dogs on the east coast look pale compared to west coast dogs, and their personalities seemed less excitable. The east coast lost a few more points when I noticed that businesses were significantly less pet friendly than California’s. So, not only were people not out walking, biking or skating to run errands with their pets, their pets weren’t welcomed even if the owners had brought them!

Everything is bigger in Texas…except for the dogs


I was expecting to see some of the most exotic large breed dogs during my visit through Texas. I imagined they’d be running free through the many off-leash parks. Instead, I saw that most people had designer breeds that could fit in your purse! Confused, I did the research to find that the most popular breeds in the state are actually larger breeds, but in the common areas like Dallas and Fort Worth, the cutesy small types are the dogs most commonly out and about with their owners. Texas is by far a much better state as far as pet friendliness and respect. It’s the first state I passed through with a monument dedicated to military working dogs – bonus!

Avoid the desert at all costs!


Okay, it’s actually not that serious. As I got closer to home, I realized pet life got better in quality. New Mexico and Arizona are unique weather states for pets, but they make do! Although I still did not see many owners out with their pets as often as I do in California, I did notice there were many more than the previous states. My biggest concern of them all was how much Scottsdale and Tempe Arizona reminded me of Cancun during spring break. Humans need their fun, too, but the huge party life made me wonder who was taking care of all the pets! It seems both cities are large attractions geared towards young party people and less toward families and their pets. But who knows, maybe there was an area where they let the dogs out.



We’ve got everything. Your pet might not know it, but it’s very lucky that its owner lives in a state considered being one of the top pet friendly vacation spots in the world! I’m almost certain California takes the cake on number of businesses that are pet friendly. In addition to that, there are pet hotels, celebrity pet grooming services available to everyone, designer pet shops, annual dog surfing competitions, acting and photography opportunities (only in Hollywood!), and endless more outrageous places and events for our pets! Veterinarians make house visits, and restaurants know to have outdoor seating. No need for bulky harnesses and sweaters here, our pets enjoy the sunshine year round! Hands down, California pets and owners are the best! Bravo!

Author: nohoarts