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Personal Trainer and Actor Leads Walk for Cancer-Interview

Personal Trainer and Actor Troy Titus-Barrow Leads The American Cancer Society Relay for Life Walk

Troy Titus-Barrow is a success. Moving here nearly 10 years ago from her home in England, she has built a flourishing career in North Hollywood and surrounding areas. She is not just a personal trainer; a fitness instructor, professional dancer, teacher, actor, and mom, but she is a great supporter of the American Cancer Society and is team captain of BPEC Warriors for the Realy for Life walk on May 6th in nearby Robert Gross Park in Burbank.

Troy is comfortable on either stage or screen and as a premier fitness instructor she has quite a following. Settling into our wonderful NoHo neighborhood as a certified personal trainer, she found a home at a private studio at 11116 Weddington St, North Hollywood called At One Fitness. One of the ways she has shared not only her physical strength but her determination of spirit is to form a team called the BPEC warriors for the American Cancer Society. It was created from a time when she took her young son Hendricks, to parent education classes in Burbank. It means Burbank Parent Ed Council and you don’t need to be a parent to understand the devastation cancer does to every one of us. Serving on a board dedicated to community service, BPEC Warriors were formed last year. Not surprising, under her guidance her team has raised over $5,000 for this worthy cause in last years walk.

Beautiful and energetic, creative and enthusiastic is an apt description of Troy. However, it has not been all tea and cake for this young mother when she arrived to Los Angeles in the middle of the writer’s strike. Leaving her faraway home after being a successful actress on the stage and the small screen, she and her fiancé (now her husband), took a leap coming to America. Fans of the English soap, EastEnders, might have seen her or perhaps her background in modeling and fitness is recognizable. Either way, the timing was unfortunate. It was a struggle to get good managers and parts. Undeterred by a challenge, Troy rallied with her teaching, modeling and fitness background and kept on going. It is this creative drive that has made her a successful actor and leader. It is this creative energy that fuels her to continually push above and beyond most others. Fast forward to a year ago, and it was the American Cancer Society that benefited from her generosity and strength.

This year the Relay for Life walk will be in the same location and I am sure will have many repeat walkers and donators. Troy wanted everyone to know that you don’t need to donate to walk and support the many, many survivors, friends or relatives that were taken by this wicked disease. The American Cancer Society serves those in the community with many services such as; outreach, transportation and counseling. Cancer unfortunately takes from us so much. Troy herself has had numerous close relatives and friends be affected by its ugliness over the past years. When asked why she took on such an overwhelming task, she replied enthusiastically, “People need to reconnect with people. Walking around the park for one hour, seeing others, and sharing with others is great. It is important to give back.” This says it all about this cause and about what kind of person she is and why she is so sought out as a friend and instructor.

So feel free to join The American Cancer Society Relay for Life walk in Burbank at Robert Gross Park, 2814 W Empire, Burbank, CA. It is a 24 hour marathon walk on May 6-7, 2017, starting at 9AM. If you want more information about Troy’s team you can reach her on Facebook or the internet at American Cancer Society, Relay for Life, team BPEC Warriors. If you want to reach her for fitness, then go to TitusFit.com. If you want to see her perform, then follow her and her husband’s production company, Critical Action Productions.

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Lisa Bianconi

Author: Lisa Bianconi

Editor of www.nohoartsdistrict.com

Lisa Bianconi
Editor of www.nohoartsdistrict.com