Paul Feder’s “Nightwalk”

Paul Feder’s “Nightwalk”
A review of Paul Feder’s “Nightwalk” EP.

A review of Paul Feder’s “Nightwalk” EP release.

Electropop.  You had me at Electropop. Paul Feder’s “Nightwalk” EP, his first release, is all you might imagine a Brooklyn-based musician with a musical history in electro sitar music and vocoder synthpop would create.  

Spiritual, yearning, deeply organic electronic music that envelopes you as it spirals onwards and upwards through the pixels of your mind.

I love electropop, growing up listening to Gary Nueman, OMD and Thomas Dolby, who took 0101010 and made it real.  This EP is gorgeous. Georgio Moroder-like, witty, innovative, beautifully simple and spacious. Beats that you want to dance to, vocals tweaked and manipulated into revelatory echos and memories spinning around and around. My electric dream. 

A review of Paul Feder’s “Nightwalk” EP.
A review of Paul Feder’s “Nightwalk” EP.

“Nightwalk” is music to rise with. It’s ambitious and mesmeric and vivid and pitched to soul level.  The weird thing about electronic music is how intensely human it is. As if all that power, those electrons and computer generated pulsing sounds are more real that anything we can create. Or maybe it’s all math and physics. But, isn’t that just what the universe is made of? Stardust and particles of light and dark.  Just zeros and ones. The building blocks of us all.  Am I getting too deep?  Somehow, I guess that’s what electronic music does. It takes you to the deepest part of yourself.  Your electronic core. This EP does just that! And I love, love, love it!!

More, please, Paul Feder!! My favorite song, “In Floodlights,” takes me right back to my electropop dancing in the dark roots.

Paul Feder’s “Nightwalk” EP is available on Bandcamp as well as all major platforms.


Label: Aion Records

Musician/Instruments: Paul Feder (vocals, production, songwriting), Jesse Jensen (additional production), Andrew Tell (guitar)

Producer: Paul Feder









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