Patrick Ames “The Virtualistics” Album Release

Patrick Ames “The Virtualistics” Album Release
Patrick Ames “The Virtualistics” Album Release

Patrick Ames is a very busy guy.  During the pandemic, when most of us were watching reruns, he created The Virtualistics, a band that has still never met.  

Forced to collaborate virtually, although not that unusual for musicians,  takes on a totally different vibe when you can’t actually leave your house, just like everything this past year.  But our collective need to keep creating drives us to keep connecting and pushing communication boundaries and Patrick Ames is no exception.  

This eight-track album is more Napa Valley music from an extremely prolific musician with a very curious mind and a penchant for exploring musically just about anything that’s pops into it.  And that seems to be a lot!

Patrick Ames “The Virtualistics” Album Release

Gorgeously produced, with his signature live studio feel, which is curious given that everything on this album is recoded remotely, “The Virtualistics” feels like an homage to his comrades in arms.  

Patrick Ames “The Virtualistics” Album Release

To call the album after his band is just cool beyond words, isn’t it? 

Patrick Ames is at his heart a storyteller. A writer, publisher, a grower of grapes, each song on this album a glimpse of his heart’s passions. Told with funk, blues, rock, pop and soul, these are songs about life.  The lies, the loss, the love and the hope and even miracle of replicating human molecules.  

“The Virtualistics” is a reflection of this past pandemic year, with songs like “Essential Workers” and “Second Wave,” and a great way to commemorate how this year has changed us all.







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Patrick Ames: rhythm guitars, vocals

Jon Ireson: bass, lead guitars, keyboards, production

Chana Matthews: vocals

Mikaela Matthews: vocals

Recorded May 2020 – May 2021

Produced by Jon Ireson

Mixed and mastered by Jon Ireson