Pat Guadagno’s “1964”

Pat Guadagno’s “1964”
Pat Guadagno’s “1964”

[NoHo Arts District, CA] – A NoHo Arts music review of Pat Guadagno’s “1964” album release.

Folk legend Pat Guadagno’s latest album, “1964,” is a tribute to the year he remembers as his musical epiphany. The year full of everything iconic from the Beetles to Dylan to The Animals. Music that spanned genres and filled the world with poetry and meaning. Guadagno’s reputation for his own versions of some of the most loved songs ever written is far reaching and his influence profound. 

Pat Guadagno’s “1964”
Pat Guadagno’s “1964”

His gorgeous covers of The Beetles are pretty spectacular, but I have to admit to a particular affection for his version of “On The Street Where You Live” from “My Fair Lady”…a big surprise and a real beauty!

The musicianship is superb, but then you’d expect nothing less from a man whose songs have appeared on the brilliant “Californication” and the film “Warrior Road.” I’m a romantic and clearly so is Mr Guadagno…if these beautiful love songs, reworked so spectacularly, are anything to go by.

“1964” is 15 tracks of heartbreak, love and exquisite guitar, sung with Guadagno’s sincere, unique voice and recorded with a lovely simple live-like production. The result is summery, light filled, joyous and absolutely wonderful. Loved it!!!! I guess I’ll have to look for more of Pat Guadagno’s records now!!

Musician Names/Instruments:

Pat Guadagno- Guitars, Vocals

John Tropea – Guitar

Rob Paparozzi – Harmonica

Mary McCrink -Vocals

Alex Jenkins – ContraBass

Gary Oleyar – Violin

Producer Name(s):Pat Guadagno, Phil Ludwig


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