One Animal Lover Can Make a Difference

One Animal Lover Can Make a Difference

Jake O’Flaherty has a great theatre reputation but I wanted to beam a light on his devotion to animals.  We all can do our part! 

N. How long have you been volunteering at Pet Orphans and in what way have you volunteered?

Jake. I have been volunteering at Pet Orphans for eight years. I volunteer mostly on Saturdays and Sundays during the day, by walking the dogs, doing the laundry, cleaning up after the animals, and showing potential adopters around the facility.

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N.  What made you select Pet Orphans? 

Jake. I selected pet orphans, because my daughter wanted to do something with animals, and I had made the suggestion that we volunteer our time a little bit every week, so we compromised. A friend of ours had volunteered with her son there a couple of years ago, and I reached out to them to get some more information. We went to the orientation weekend after we went online and contacted someone at the front desk. After the two-hour orientation, my daughter and I realized this was going to be the right place to volunteer because everything was so well organized, all the volunteers were very friendly and professional, the facility was very clean and it was a no-kill rescue shelter.   

N. If you could pick two things that are wonderful about Pet Orphans, what would they be?  

Jake. Two things that are really wonderful about Pet Orphans would be first of all, Lee, who a majority of the time, runs the front desk. She answers the phones, helps answer your questions, and greets every single person who arrives there with a friendly face and she remembers everybody’s name. The second really wonderful thing about Pet Orphans is that there are so many volunteers who stay committed to their responsibilities every week and it really makes a difference with all the attention that the animals receive there, and makes it easier for the animals to be adopted.  

N. If you were President of the United States, what laws would you enact regarding animal rights and the care of homeless animals?

Jake.   If I had the opportunity to be in the position of power to create a law regarding animal rights, I would completely outlaw all puppy mills in every city and in every state. I would also make it a requirement that every animal must be spayed or neutered.  

If you wanted to breed animals you would have to acquire a special license and pay a significant amount of money to ensure responsible ownership and distribution of those animals. Homeless animals in cities all across America has become an epidemic. It breaks my heart because it’s completely unnecessary, and stems from irresponsible pet owners. These animals should not have to suffer due to the lack of research on how to take care of pets, outright selfishness, and lack of responsibility on behalf of the pet owner.  


Animal rescues can use your help as a volunteer or your financial assistance which goes directly to feeding and caring for the animals and medical care when needed. All the animals are spayed or neutered before being put up for adoption. 

For more information go to 

Stop in and take a tour around the facility. Click on the website to get some more information, and see some of the animals that are available to adopt. While you’re there click on the welcome video. That’s me doing all the animal voiceovers. 🙂

Dogs and cats will change your life for the better, and make you a better person in the process. Dogs and cats will give you unconditional love every single day of their lives. 

See you at Pet Orphans.  

Jake O’Flaherty


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