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Oahu’s Best Resorts

Oahu is a beautiful part of the Caribbean that everyone needs to visit at least once in their lifetime.

From the stunning scenery, the luxurious oahu beach rentals to the amazing weather, Oahu is one of the best vacation destinations on earth. But what are the island’s best resorts and what do they offer visitors? We’re going to take a look at this now:

Hilton Hawaiian Village

The Hilton Hawaiian Village that’s situated in Waikiki has an amazing entrance and is quite unlike anything you would see elsewhere. Complete with an elaborate waterfall, almost 100 boutique shops and 24 restaurants, this is a resort that means serious business.

Offering guests round-the-clock fun and the chance to have a vacation of a lifetime, this is the place to be if you love grand gestures. Oh, and we mustn’t forget the swimming lagoon or the hotel towers that set the Hilton Hawaiian Village apart from the rest. You should be prepared to spend a little more to stay at this resort, but with the price, you will be treated to a somewhat luxurious vacation.

Marriott Ko Olina Resort & Beach Club

A new resort that’s somewhat secluded from the others and situated approximately 45 minutes north of the world-renowned Waikiki is the Marriott Ko Olina Resort and Beach Club. This resort spans an impressive 650-acres and is a gated resort which means those who come here cannot leave. However, it’s very unlikely that visitors would want to leave thanks to the lagoons that, 18-hole golf course, tropical pools and beachfront setting.

If you would like to go off and explore other parts of Oahu you may want to think about spending time at another resort. However, if you’re happy to stay in one place (Albeit spanning 650-acres), this could be the resort for you. Complete with multi-room villas and wonderful garden surroundings you can have it all if you visit this resort and beach club.

Four Seasons Ko Olina

The Four Seasons Ko Olina is a recently renovated resort that is the ideal destination if you would like to enjoy peaceful surroundings, a 35,000 square foot spa, and 20 treatment rooms. Some people like to go on vacation to party until the sun comes up whereas others are happy to enjoy peace and quiet and being pampered.

Complete with a fairy tale cathedral in its grounds and water gardens that are a joy to walk around, if you want to get away and be pampered, this is the resort for you. While the Four Seasons Ko Olina may get quite busy at times it still has that relaxed feel about it, and that cannot be beaten.

The Kahala Hotel & Resort

Found at the back of Diamond Head and somewhat tucked away, the Kahala Hotel and resort has a world-class feel to it. If you like to hang out where the rich and famous hang out, this is the place to be. Situated on just 6.5 acres, although the resort is somewhat smaller than some, it makes up for it in beauty and real entertainment. Complete with botanical gardens, a spa and fitness centre and a private beach, this resort is nothing short of paradise. If that wasn’t enough, some of the frequent visitors to the waters include schools of tropical fish, sea turtles and bottlenose dolphins.

The Disney Aulani Hotel

If you would like to add a touch of Walt Disney magic to your time in Oahu then you have to stay at the Disney Aulani Hotel. Don’t expect the hotel and its surroundings to be fill of larger than life Disney characters, it’s something of a magical oasis that may surprise you. From 4 beautiful moon-shaped lagoons to the magical water park, if you want to enjoy a touch of Disney magic and style, this is the place to be. Created with the local Polynesian and Hawaiian culture in mind, the hotel has more than 800 rooms, villas and suites and is well worth a visit. Forget everything you think you know about Disney and come to this beautiful resort that is nothing short of magical.

Turtle Bay Resort

Found at the top of the North Shore is the Turtle Bay Resort that spans an impressive 880 acres and is just wonderful. Just a short distance from Haleiwa Town, those who come to Turtle Bay are far enough away from the rest of the world that they can relax and unwind. Complete with golf courses, an outdoor spa, pools and 6 restaurants, this is the ideal resort for those who want to get away from it all. Complete with villas and cottages, and 5 miles of sandy beach, you’ll be in paradise.

Oahu is an incredibly beautiful part of the world that has so much to offer every visitor. All all the resorts that you see above are what we believe to be the best the island has to offer. Spend some time at the Hilton Hawaiian Village with its amazing waterfall, shops and restaurants. Visit the gated Marriott Ko Olina Resort and Beach Club that spans an impressive 650 acres and has everything you’ll ever need. Take time out at the Kahala Hotel and resort and get away from it all, or enjoy a vacation full of magic at the Disney Aulani Hotel. Finally, choose to spend some time at Turtle Bay Resort and enjoy having 880 acres to explore while you completely unwind. Magical.