Nonviolenze “Mirror” Release

This is a new single release and music video from Shri Baratan, whose musical moniker is Nonviolenze.

Taken from his latest album, “Ghost of War,” “Mirror” has a really vivid and unusual sound – eery and compelling.

It’s kind of romantic in a strange, melancholy way.  All acoustic and beautifully played guitar and poetically delivered, haunting vocals.  There’s a lot of dissonance, mixed metaphors of sound and words.  It twists and turns, sometimes pretty, the next moment off kilter and obtuse.  There a pattern of chaos in a way. A repetition of operatic opposites.

If you like Jethro Tull and Al Jarreau then Nonviolenze is probably a perfect addition to your rotation.  The music is both clever and impolite, complex and gorgeously produced, edgy and classical…obviously very hard to define, which is maybe his point.

Once in a while it’s a good idea to try listening to the inside of someone else’s head. I think “Mirror” is exactly that.  A clearly accomplished musician and a thoughtful and purposeful writer showing you something of himself…bravely different, honestly out there.  Bravo for fearlessly expanding our minds a little in a deceptively melodious way.

Stream “Ghosts of War” on Spotify.

More Info:

Artist Name: Nonviolenze

Location: Houston, TX, USA

Release Title: Ghosts of War (Album)

Release Date: Oct 16th, 2020

Label: Independent/Ahimsa Creations LLC

Musician Names/Instruments: Shri Baratan, Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Lead vocals, harmonies,

Producer Name(s): Shri Baratan


Official Website:





Youtube Channel:

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