NoHo’s Attitude Walks

When you start feeling stale and “out of gas” in the every day hustle and bustle of your life, you know it’s time to recharge and get a new perspective on things with an “attitude walk”. Just 30 minutes outside of your daily routine territory can do the trick. Here are 3 great attitude walks you do in and around the NoHo Area.

Walk One: Start at the north end of North Hollywood Park off of Chandler Boulevard and head south. You can walk through a huge open grass field with nearby baseball diamonds while starting to clear your mind. Keep going and meander your way through a nice section of the park with lots of trees and large boulders that you can sit on and reflect. Keep heading south and walk towards Magnolia Boulevard. Once you reach Magnolia turn left (east) and walk towards the Amelia Earhardt Library. Circle around the back of the library and walk back towards your starting point.

Walk Two:
Start at the far south end of the North Hollywood Park near the 170 overpass near Riverside/Camarillo Dr. There is a dirt path that cuts all the way staright through the middle of the park heading north. Take in the playful squirrels, people with their lovable dogs, an ocassional sun bather or exerciser. About halfway through the park if you look to your left you’ll see a meditation garden. Go to it and do some deep breathing. Continue on the main track north until you reach Magnolia. Take the main track back around to where you started.

Walk Three:
Start at the North Hollywood Post Office while taking in the old historic train station, and then head south on Bakman. Go left (east) on Magnolia and walk until you get to a driveway right before Pit Fire Pizza. Go left there and take in the big artistic mural on the side of the building on your left. Continue on the driveway until you reach a fork. Go left and then your first right and walk by the back side of Lankershim Elementary School. Continue north on the driveway until it ends. On your right is a parking lot, walk through it and look down, your walking on the original floor of an old store that used to be there. The name of the store will be on the ground by the exit gate. Exit the parking lot gate and go left (north) on Lankershim. From there take your first left on Weddington. Notice on your right the old brick bank building from the 1920’s, it’s now called The Federal. Continue west on Weddington until you reach Bakman again. You are where you started.


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