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We want to promote your film. For FREE. And there is absolutely NO catch…promise. loves film, and we would love to have more of it on our site!

Right now we have three video boxes on the front page that need NoHo content.

Making a film or a web series takes a lot of hard work and energy and that kind of commitment can’t stop once you have it in the can.

Promoting a film is one of the most important elements of the filmmaking process, and one that is ALWAYS over looked by the tired and exhausted indie filmmakers.

Maybe you have a short film you shot in NoHo?
✭ Maybe you are a NoHo-based filmmaker or visual artist who has a film that has nothing whatsoever to do with NoHo?
✭ Maybe you are an actor or a dancer or a musician who has a promo video that the world needs to see?
✭ Maybe you have a web series that needs a venue?
✭ Maybe you have a fantastic video promoting your event or charity in NoHo?

We are excited to help you find a wider audience for your film. averages 85,000 visitors a month, we have 24,000 social media followers and 10,000 news subscribers…all thirsty for film!!!

We regularly promote our video on social media and love talking about it in our NoHo News email blasts every Thursday. This could be the start of a beautiful relationship.

So send us your stuff. Let’s get more film on


For more details please contact Samantha at

  1. Include a synopsis of the project

  2. Link to the film you are submitting

  3. Your website and social media handles

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