NoHo’s Newest Mural is underaway….

New mural to be painted by renowned artist Levi Ponce

NoHo Mural Project – Mural by Levi Ponce
Located at: Al’s Discount Furniture
4900 Lankershim Blvd.
North Hollywood, CA 91601

Well North Hollywood, we are getting a new work of art! And we couldn’t be any more thrilled with renowned Valley artist Levi Ponce for choosing to create art in the NoHo Arts District. Work on NoHo’s newest mural is underway on the large exterior wall of Al’s Discount Furniture store located at 4900 Lankershim Blvd. The mural will be completed over the following two weeks. So NoHo, we encourage you to stop bythe site throughout the painting process to show Levi and team some good old fashion North Hollywood love.

Levi Ponce NoHo Mural

: Levi Ponce is an artist from Pacoima, CA. He has a Bachelor’s Degree in Art from California State University, Northridge. His mural are community projects that bring together artists, business owners and local youth, often to transform defaced city walls into works of art that neighborhoods take pride in. On canvas his work has been exhibited in public and private galleries throughout Los Angeles, including the Los Angeles Craft and Folk Art Museum. Currently, Levi works as a freelance artist and animator for local studios and businesses. For more information please visit the artist’s website at:

noho mural www.nohoartsdistrict.comABOUT NOHO MURAL PROJECT: The NoHo Mural Project was initially proposed to the NoHo BID a number of years ago before the Los Angeles Mural Ordinance was in place. Inevitably the project was put on hold until the moratorium on public art murals was lifted by City Council this past August. Once it had become legal to produce murals in Los Angeles, the project was again presented to the NoHo BID who received it enthusiastically. Within the NoHo BID’s current annual budget they could not help financially, however they were instrumental in connecting property owners to the project and in encouraging the community to support it. Without funding in place, the marketing team for the NoHo BID looked to enlist the help of other local organizations in sourcing sponsorship, which led to the partnership with the newly formed non-profit 11:11 A Creative Collective, whose mission is “To create a thriving and cohesive artist collective in order to make the San Fernando Valley a truly flourishing destination for innovative art.” With this partnership in place, the NoHo BID was able to move forward with the NoHo Mural Project. This second mural in the NoHo Mural Project has been enthusiastically supported and primarily paid for by property owner and BID board member Al Siegel from Al’s Discount Furniture, who encouraged the artist to create a mural that represents the NoHo Arts District and it’s thriving theatre community. It is also supported through a generous donation from Sherwin-Williams Paints and sponsorship from Continental Art Supplies, both granted to the project through the tireless efforts of 11:11 A Creative Collective and their commitment to support the arts in the San Fernando Valley.

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