NoHo Restaurant Review: Red Moon Lounge

A hidden gem, with delightful Mediterranean cuisine, a warm, elegant family owned restaurant and bar.

I had the pleasure of visiting the recently remodeled Red Moon Lounge on Riverside and Whitsett in Valley Village. With it’s large open dinning area and lovely outside seating, which serves as a Hookah bar in the evenings, Red Moon is tranquil, comfortable and spacious, with white linen table clothes and wonderful service as well as plenty of opportunity to keep up with whatever sports game or event they are screening on their TVs.

But the food….just sublime…

red moon lounge

I have travelled quite a bit, particularly in the Mediterranean and I have to say the authenticity of these simple and stunning dishes is quite remarkable.

There is a real care taken in everything created here, from the simple toasting of the pita bread, which is crispy and fragrant, to the outstanding Baba Ghannouj to the plump and moist Grape Leaves, stuffed to perfection.

red moon lounge

There does seem to be a great deal of the Persian influence, and I love Persian food so that was an easy sell for me! Although there are Lebanese dishes and Greek and even a little latin american with some delicious empanadas, deep fried and mouth watering.

I tried a few things I have never had before, Fried Kibbeh, which is ground beef mixed with cracked wheat, spices, pine nuts and onion – so good, the flavors subtle and clear. The owner’s wife makes them herself and they are incredible. I also tried Fatoush, a chopped salad with lettuce, tomatoes, onions, cucumbers and toasted pita bread crumbled and tossed in olive oil, lemon juice, garlic and sumac – amazing!

The ingredients are all incredibly fresh, the flavors vivid and pure. It really does taste like the warm Mediterranean sun, and the salty sea air.

The Falafel are so perfect, crunchy on the outside breaking open to reveal a beautifully spiced, fluffy and balanced interior. The Kabob’s are also fantastic. The meat tender, well spiced and absolutely delicious. Definitely the best I have had in LA, and I love Kabob…

You can feel the love for the food at Red Moon Lounge, the pride they take in feeding you, an all important part of the restaurant magical code. Love your customers, give them the best you have to offer and they will be loyal to you forever.

Red Moon is the kind of restaurant that we should all be loyal to, everything is created from scratch, every ingredient tastes like it was just plucked from the tree or pulled from the ground.

They also have more traditional American fare, burgers and appetizers etc, so you can feed the less adventurous of your group and they have a great full bar, so it’s a lovely place to hang out in for an evening.

They also have entertainment, DJs and bands occasionally and the venue is open to bookings. They have recently had a couple of very successful weddings I am told and honestly it’s a perfect place for a small reception of any kind. It’s centrally located, plenty of parking and the space is wonderful of course, and the management as kind and welcoming as anyone could be. But mostly I think it’s a great place for a celebration because of the heavenly food!

I urge you to broaden your culinary horizons and partake of the fabulous food. I highly recommend Red Moon Lounge, ask for Raffi, he’ll be happy to take care of you! 

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Red Moon Lounge
12516 Riversde Dr.
Valley Village, CA 91607
(818) 755-4500

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