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NoHo Goes “Under the Influence” with mentalist Joe Brogie

No rabbits. No hats. No saws.

Joe Brogie breaks the stereotype of magicians with rabbits and top hats. He is truly a magician of the 21st century with a versatile style that includes hypnosis, traditional magic, mentalism, audience engagement and just plain fun. Joe uses a few old school techniques and mixes in his own fresh look on the art of magic to continually baffle audiences and turn skeptics in fans.

His upcoming show “Under the Influence” at the Secret Rose on Wednesday, September 28 is aimed at displaying how the human mind can be influenced and deceived through psychological tricks and misdirection.


Wednesday, September 28. 8–9:30PM


Secret Rose Theatre
NoHo Arts District, CA 91406



So how did you get started in the world of magic?

I got started in magic at a very young age… I think about 8. I saw some magicians on TV and was hooked. When I got into high school, I got more serious about it and started doing shows around my small town in Nebraska where I grew up. After college, I decided to go full time into entertainment and never looked back.

But you combine many elements in your show. Can you explain to our readers what mentalism is?

Yeah, mentalism is a bit different than conventional “magic” because it deals more with peoples thoughts and memories. Think of it as magic of the mind. I think it gets a different reaction than sleight of hand (which I still do and love very much) because there is an emotional side when dealing with peoples thoughts, feelings and memories.

You’re also a hypnotist. Will you make people act like farm animals on stage?

Haha! I used to do a lot more of that style of hypnosis but found it a little invasive. I combine hypnosis with mentalism to get people to relax and deal with the more “subconscious” part of their mind. Sometimes I will make someone forget their name or make them feel like they are stuck to the floor and cant move. However, every person is different and reacts to hypnosis differently.

What’s happening next for you?

I worked on some video projects for Snapchat this past summer along with some other video projects that are in the production and editing process at the moment. Filming magic for TV and internet is fun but there is nothing like performing for an audience of people on stage. I’m looking forward to putting on more shows here in LA in the future!

Can you give us a little tease of your upcoming show?

My show “Under the Influence” is an interactive show about mixing magic, psychology, and suggestion together to look like real mind reading. I blur the lines between the power of suggestion and the power of deception. It has tons of audience participation. To sum it all up… it’s just really fun.

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Lisa Bianconi

Author: Lisa Bianconi

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Lisa Bianconi
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  1. Joe Brogie is a real professional mentalist! He is a great example of what you can achieve if you are curious about mentalism. Yes it is quite challenging and it has got a decent learning curve. But you cannot imagine what an amazing art it is and what it will give you in the end!