NoHo Drumming Circle Thursday, July 6 at NoHo Plaza!

Up next at Experience NoHo Plaza 2017 – NoHo’s FREE Thursday evening entertainment series: “World Groove Ensemble” drumming circle, Thursday, July 6 at 7:30PM.

Freedom Drum Circles and Rumbling Rhythms come together for a “World Groove Ensemble” drumming performance and NoHo neighborhood drum circle at Experience NoHo Plaza 2017. Ever wanted to drum your heart out? Here’s your chance! (No musical experience necessary. Drums provided by REMO Drums).  

Did you know? There are nine reasons why drumming is healthy and makes you smarter?


NoHo Plaza Located between 5223 & 5225 Lankershim Blvd. (The green alley)


Thursday, July 6 7:30 – 9 PM

Experience NoHo Plaza runs: June 29 – August 3 Thursdays 7:30 – 9PM

See the full schedule of summer night fun in NoHo!



NoHo Drum Circle at NoHo Plaza Tuesday, July 6 at 7:30PM

Chris Ramirez of Freedom Drum Circles and Alan Bruni of Rumbling Rhythms present a “World Groove Ensemble” performance followed by a community drum circle. All instruments provided by REMO drums. No musical experience needed, all ages welcome.

As a Remo USA endorsed artist Chris Ramirez is recognized for his unique approach as a motivational drum circle facilitator sharing his passion of love for drumming with many diverse communities. “We are simply making life better by using drums as a tool to build the spirit of communities and workplaces. We connect people of all different backgrounds, age and skill levels in an inclusive musical experience creatively shared by all participants.” – Chris Ramirez


Alan is a veteran teacher of the arts, natural sciences, and outdoor education, and has spend the last 20 years helping communities and individuals rediscover curiosity, courage and fun. From parties, corporate events, schools, hospitals and even prisons Rumbling Rhythm programs are designed to help participants learn and express through the language of rhythm. Creating community, fostering creativity & building character through rhythm.


How did you two meet and come up with the World Groove Ensemble Drum Circle collaboration?

I met Chris through the community of Drum Circle Facilitators in Southern California in 2014. We both regularly teach and facilitate at the REMO Recreational Music Center. One of Chris’s long running classes is his Ethnic Groove Lounge, focusing on culturally specific rhythms. He used these as a jumping off point for musical improvisation and accompaniment. Chris and I have a love for abstract soundscapes and rhythms and build both ethereal and rhythm based electronic backing tracks for our performances. Our years of music training and experiences, along with our backgrounds of facilitating “in-the-moment music”, allow us to flow from improvisation to culturally specific rhythm structure with each other and our fellow musicians. No two performances are ever the same.

What can people expect from the NoHo Plaza performance and from the class?

Performance: World Groove Ensemble is an Electro Rhythm-Tribe infusing universal drumming with infectious soundscapes, grooves and vocals. In other words, the merger of live drumming and live electronic generated soundscapes, utilizing a variety of equipment such as samplers, drum pads and even DJ turntables.

Community Drum Circle: Not to be confused with a “drum class” this community drum circle is in the moment music making made accessible by the guidance of a facilitator. A drum circle facilitator has a myriad of roles including: making the experience easy and successful; bring participants into active involvement. This creative approach to music making erases the line between performer and audience. This is a comfortable, happy and safe space to bring out that curious playful child in all of us. The aim is to try things we may not normally try and let go of expectations about the results.

The following is from Christopher’s website

During Event:
1. Enjoy successful & inclusive experiences.
2. Exercise. Laughter and Fun.
3. Exploring self-expression & rhythm ideas.
4. Gradually build confidence as a team.
5. Allow purposeful transfer of ideas through drumming.
6. Share a common rhythm & direction.

After Event:
1. Feeling of team success & accomplishment.
2. Empowerment in a group setting.
3. Enhanced morale & camaraderie.
4. Confidence & leadership.
5. A sense of well-being & reduced stress.
6. A sense of moving beyond perceived limitations.

NoHo Drum Circle at NoHo Plaza Tuesday, July 6 at 7:30PM

Is there any advice you can give to first timers?

Listen and add what you think will enhance the groups rhythm. Don’t worry about making mistakes because you can’t make any in this group.

What’s your favorite thing about NoHo?

I love the arts and theater community of NoHo. I love supporting and seeing shows at Deaf West Theater and have exhibited art at several galleries in the area over the years.

Where do you have classes?

We both partner with REMO Recreational Music Center, who has recently moved from NoHo to Valencia. They offer free community drum circles, kids drum circles and various culturally specific rhythm classes. Chris will be starting a new series of Groove Lounge classes this summer at a location TBA.

Is there something either of you would like to highlight or promote?

We both own our own rhythm event/drum circle companies and are always excited to bring our rhythm spirit to schools, festivals, corporate events, at risk youth, prisons and everywhere else in between.  |  |

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Experience NoHo Plaza 2017

The Series is produced by the NoHo Business Improvement District (NoHo BID)  and Councilman Paul Krekorian’s office with talent coordination by

“Experience NoHo Plaza 2017 – NoHo’s Free Summer Entertainment Series is made possible in part by a grant from the City of Los Angeles Department of Cultural Affairs and with the support of Community Partners.”

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