NoHo Dodgeball is HERE.

It starts with Dodgeball but it’s much more.

The NoHo Arts District dot com team is thrilled the Eagle Rock Yacht Club (E.R.Y.C) is the official DODGEBALL league in our North Hollywood community! So drag out those high tops and get ready to Duck, Throw, Catch, Dive and DODGE! Even if you were the one who got pegged in the head the first 15 seconds of the game back in elementary school, it’s ok, now’s your chance to play, meet new friends, do some good and have loads of fun…in your neighborhood.

The ERYC is kicking off the spring season of dodgeball in North Hollywood on April 14 at 8PM: The season will begin April 14 and end June 16 (schedule)

WHERE: Valley Plaza Rec Center 12240 Archwood St.
North Hollywood CA 91606
WHEN: Tuesdays 8PM – 9:30PM
SEASON: April 14 – June 16


Twitter: @theeryc  |  Facebook

NoHo Dodgeball

The Yacht Club believes that every individual has the responsibility to be involved in their community. Through dodgeball, civic service, relationships with rec centers and our youth, The Yacht Club hopes to inspire you to pursue the common good.

What they do, on the daily…

It starts with dodgeball.

We’re an adult dodgeball league, a circle of friends, an army of do-gooders. We establish and run adult dodgeball leagues while partnering with the local rec center to develop original programs for children in under-resourced communities in Los Angeles and Detroit. Our programs—Yacht Grub (kids cooking), Yacht Plot (community gardening), Yacht Pix (kids photography) and our flagship program, Yacht Crew (kids dodgeball)—have been created to provide kids with fun, safe and creative experiences that go beyond what they might have access to at school. And we are able to do this by drawing from the single greatest resource at our disposal—our players!


Why did you choose North Hollywood?

When the league started, our goal was to create hubs of dodgeball activity that was spread out across the city to make it more convenient to Angelenos who are mostly dependent on car-travel. We have a league in Venice, two on the Eastside in Glassell Park and Highland Park, and wanted to round out our locations with NoHo, Los Angeles’ hidden gem.

What can one expect from joining the North Hollywood league?

Anybody who joins the league can expect a ton of fun, good vibes, and a great social atmosphere with a give-back component to the community. And exercise, of course.

How has the league helped you with some of your programs?

The bulk of the philanthropic work we do revolves around the communities and Rec Centers we’re active in. We’ve thrown tournaments to raise money for gym improvements in NoHo, to help create a more welcoming place for kids to spend their time. Next month we’re actually hosting a tournament to help fund a score board that is needed at Valley Plaza Rec Center.

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