NoHo Dance Studio Guide


This dance blog post is to help us start the year off right, armed with a list of all the studios in the North Hollywood area that make the moves that make us move. Hopefully we will all dance more in 2020. That’s our team’s goal. But to all the studios, thanks for calling North Hollywood home and making us a hip hop/commercial dance mecca.

Movement Lifestyle (mL)

For us, mL is family. This is the vibe you get when you walk in. You feel taken care of from the front desk to the choreographers and the dancers killing it next to you. The mL Work Study program is one of the best ways to see how a successful studio is run, create a family of dancers, take a ton of classes and meet so many new people. Many of The Gentle Ladies came out of the Work Study program and we’re grateful for their training and mentorship of our Summer Dance in L.A. dancers. You’ll find so many specific style classes from Chicago footwork to Voguing. You go to mL to train in a kind atmosphere. Period. We think the vibe stems from the owners, brothers Shawn and CJ Evaristo. They just celebrated 10 years in the NoHo Arts District with a free day of classes and fun. They do many community events like their recent classes for the American Heart Association and their yearly National Dance Day lineup. Follow them on Instagram to see when they’re doing special events like the Gentle Ladies Night Out Series and their master classes. So much happens at the studio.

Life will be good when you follow their motto: “Feel good, move well.”


We applaud dancers. Period. But we applaud extra hard when they have created a brand to film other dancers, thus helping to make dancers a household name. The dance videos you have seen on Instagram were probably filmed by Tim Milgram aka TMilly. But we applaud dancers even more when they open their own studio.  The studio with the cool lighting and even cooler dancers will be TMilly.


Does this dynamic real-life duo need any introduction? WilldaBeast and Janelle Ginestra (this writer is her #1 fan) have created a huge international brand with BuildaBeast convention, ImmaBeast crew and Immabreathe contemporary company, but also a family of dancers at their ImmaSpace studio. Do yourself a favor and take Janelle’s class, but be prepared to work and tell a story. You’ll thank us later!

KreativMndz Dance Academy

Aka KMZ. We admire this studio because, like mL, it’s a tight knit group. They’ve created an old school way to help train dancers and build a network of dancer friends with their semester programs. You’re with a group for a semester so you’re training with new friends and with the choreographers on a consistent basis. Their studio is new and their class schedule is open to semester dancers and also drop ins. If you have a favorite choreographer and they’re teaching at KMZ, book that class! You’ll feel the vibe. We had to pull a Robert Green post from KMZ because this is how we’re going to go into the new year.


We think this may be the contemporary dance hub of Los Angeles. The IAF mentorship program helps train some incrediblly talented dancers. They’ve got a jazz program too!

Evolution Studios

Their space is awesome and they offer so many interesting and diverse classes from Old School Skinny’s 90s cardio fitness to heels queen Aisha Francis’ Pump Camp and Commercial Dance Training programs. You’ll find lots of dance treats there.

The Basement of NoHo

Aka the secret studio. You have to go through AMP Rehearsal Studios, down stairs and through a hallway to access the studio. No secret knock or password is required. Check their Instagram for their class lineup.

Debbie Reynolds Legacy Studio

Debbie’s has been a North Hollywood dance destination for years and they’re back at MKM Cultural Center in the heart of the NoHo Arts District. You’ll find a really eclectic schedule of classes. One of our faves is Ray Basa’s house class…be prepared to move, sweat and be elated.

The H.E.ART Performing Arts

If you have kids who want to be a triple threat and taught by industry experts with years of award-winning experience, send them over to The H.E.ART at MKM Cultural Center. They provide a healthy, creative environment where aspiring actors, dancers and singers of all ages can feel inspired and empowered to cultivate their talents.

Liv’art Dance Studio

They are a children’s dance studio located in North Hollywood offering classes for ages 3-18. They rent their brand new studios for rehearsals, auditions and workshops!

Out of area that we love

Millennium Dance Complex

Obviously. MDC started it all. They were a staple of the growing NoHo Arts District for years. But they’re down the street in Studio City. This is where lots of your favorite choreographers teach regularly. If you’re looking to learn all about Dancehall from the expert, tic toc it over to Jae Blaze’s classes.  You’ll get a piece of Dancehall history and workout.

The Playground

First of all, their staff is heaven to work with. They make everything easy for our Summer Dance in L.A. program. It’s a studio co owned by Pussy Cat Doll founder Robin Anton and dancer and “Footloose” actor Kenny Wormald. This is a true commercial dance studio that is warm and welcoming. See the trend with L.A. studios? Their heels classes range from beginner to super advanced. Don’t miss a class from Kenny, Dexter, Charlie and Ben. They’re some of our dancers’ favorite classes.

The Edge Performing Arts Center

This is home to ballet, contemporary, jazz, jazz funk, musical theatre and Jazz40 (for the dancer who’s not 12! Thank you, Edge!). By the way, #JazzIsBack. They have some stellar, long-term training programs as well. It’s also the home of our pals at Groov3, the infectiously fun 90s hip hop class to a live DJ.

Mihran Studio

We remember when Mihran taught hip hop classes at the old Millennium on Lankershim. So when we heard he opened a new studio, he is definitely on our list. Again, a kind dancer who is giving us more places to dance. He’s been giving us tutorials on Youtube so check him out there too.

Thanks for helping to #KeepNoHoArtsy