NoHo BID 2021 Update

Do You Know the NoHo BID?

The NoHo Arts District is an arts district because of the theatres, dance studios, recording studios and the many folks who create art. It stays an arts district because of these performing and visual artists. But there is one group that has helped to #KeepNoHoArtsy (and clean and safe) for more than 10 years – the NoHo Business Improvement District.

“Having the NoHo BID in place is a tremendous resource for the NoHo Arts District community,” says Aaron Aulenta, managing director of the NoHo BID. “By providing Safety, Clean, and Marketing services above and beyond what the City of LA provides, the NoHo BID helps to enhance the user experience in NoHo. This can be seen from the all-new businesses and investment continuing to come into the Arts District. Not all commercial districts have a BID, giving the NoHo Arts District and its stakeholders an advantage over the many destinations in Los Angeles.”

NoHo BID | NoHo BID Hotline: (818) 761-8230

So what is a Business Improvement District?

A Business Improvement District or BID is a geographically defined area within the City of Los Angeles, in which services, activities and programs are paid for through a special assessment to property owners. BIDs provide enhanced programs and services, above and beyond what the City of Los Angeles provides. The NoHo BID, established in 2007, primarily provides Clean and Safe services in the form of a Safety Ambassador team and Sidewalk maintenance services in the form of a Clean Team. A smaller amount of the budget is allocated to Marketing and Communication services.

We chatted with NoHo BID managing director Aaron Aulenta about the BID statistics and updates.

Safety Ambassador 2021 stats:

Hotline calls received- 3,285
Property patrol checks- 6,344
Unhoused individual contacts- 1,031

Clean Team 2021 stats:

Trash bags collected- 13,038
Pounds of trash collected/removed- 299,874
Graffiti tags removed- 1,497
Bulky items picked up- 2,051
Pressure wash hours- 139

Securitas is the vendor for the Safety Ambassador team and Chrysalis Enterprises is the vendor for the Clean Team.

Why does NoHo need a BID?

The short answer is because the arts district would look and feel much different than it does today. The enhanced services the BID provides with its Clean, Safe, and Marketing programs gives the arts district an advantage over other commercial areas that don’t have a BID. If you travel a block or two outside the NoHo BID area you’ll notice a difference in the level of service in regards to trash, sidewalks, graffiti and safety.

What are the benefits to property owners and the community overall?

The BID and its programs are an investment by property owners that not only make the area cleaner and safer, but also attract new investment, businesses and residents. Having a BID in place gives the area an extra level of attention and care beyond what the City of L.A. provides. The BID maintains a Clean and Safe Hotline that property owners, business owners, and the community can call to report issues and receive a quick response at.

What do BID Ambassadors do?

Juan Arana has been A NoHo BID Ambassador for 11 years and was promoted three years ago to captain of the Ambassadors team. Many local residents and businesses know the NoHo BID Ambassadors as the NoHo yellow-shirt bike patrol. Juan tells us that the Ambassadors are there to help local businesses and residents. Each day is different but routinely Ambassadors interact with merchants, help a person in need across a busy street, give directions to a new community member, or perform property patrol checks. The NoHo BID Ambassadors act as the arts district’s eyes on the street. They work closely with LAPD’s Community Relations Department at North Hollywood Division. Please note that the Ambassadors are NOT the police. If you see a person with a gun or knife, please call the police not the NoHo BID.

NoHo BID | NoHo BID Hotline: (818) 761-8230

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