Nicholas Gunn “Sound Condition” Album Release

Fellow Brit, Nicholas Gunn, has a long career of invention, musical ambition, and deeply intuitive electronic music.

He’s developed several of his own labels over the years, offering a hugely wide range of styles and genres, but his running theme seems to be spirited, soulful, healing music with a purpose.  His new album, “Sound Condition,” is quite literally a sound track for our time.  This awkward, terrifying time we are all in together and apart, where we feel as if we are on the brink of everything.  So basically a much-needed soul bath.

Gorgeous, fluid musical stories, unfolding, evolving, revolving. Reaching down into the abyss and upwards to the heavens with equal intensity and reward.  Exquisitely produced, with warmth and humanity, and oh so delicate nuance.  Several of the tracks feature the beautiful voice of Alina Renae, such a perfect balance.

The results are uplifting and inspiring, with musical phrases and rhythms whirling around us, teasing and questioning and informing. Therapy in melody and refrain, but not without opinion and gusto.  It is truly excellent. Profound, informative, supportive and purposeful. The best kind of ambient electronic and extremely danceable music.  So we can move our bodies as the music moves our souls….love, love, love it!!! Bravo! More please!!!

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