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The NoHo Business Improvement District (NoHo BID) and teamed up to offer the NoHo Card free to all local residents and now is giving a free NoHo Card to anyone visiting the NoHo Arts District in North Hollywood. So what is the NoHo Card? The NoHo Card is a discount card providing incredible savings on theatre, dance, restaurants, clothing and services from more than 50 businesses in the NoHo Arts District. For example, 16 North Hollywood theaters are offering 25% to 50% discounts on all shows. The Federal Bar gives a 20% discount on a great meal and card holders get $4 off a general admission ticket at Laemmle’s on a Wednesday night. Now to find out what discounts the other North Hollywood businesses are giving, go to

So how does one get a NoHo Card? It’s easy. Simply go to one of the participating businesses listed on the NoHo Card page No purchase is necessary. Please note that all theatres require you to have a NoHo Card prior to attending a show.

The NoHo Card is easy to use. Show your NoHo Card to the business staff/waiter etc. and verify discount.

“We were careful with our program and chose not to do a huge, one-time discount like Group On,” says Editor-in-Chief Nancy Bianconi. “Our goal with the NoHo Card is to offer a long-term, consistent discount so folks will enjoy more of the arts district, and more often.”

Visit weekly for new discounts and to find out what’s happening in North Hollywood.

If you are a NoHo business and would like to participate, contact

Remember to enjoy and explore the neighborhood!

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  1. I have attempted to get a NoHo card from 2 different locations (PitfirePizza and Nigel’s Beauty, however neither place had them nor knew what I was talking about. Would you please mail one to me since I am not having any luck? My address is 4821 Bakman Ave, unit 407, North Hollywood, CA 91601.

    Thank you.

  2. Monica, I had the exact same problem. I called about 20 locations on the list here:
    Same thing- either they were out or I found myself having to educate them on what the NoHo Card was.

    I would try NoHo Mailboxes on Lankershim. I called and not only did the guy have one and know what it was (finally!) but he was super nice about the whole thing.

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