Witnessing the devastation of homeless on Los Angeles’ skid row, Ted Hayes became a homeless by choice. After eight years of life in the bottom of society, Ted founded The Dome Village, a unique mini-city for homeless men, women and children.

The Dome Village was not a shelter in a conventional sense, but rather a space of healing and peace that helped people made transition to civility. Thirtheen years of The Dome’s existence in the heart of downtown Los Angeles helped and inspired generations of people as well as created enemies who saw a threat in a possible exodus of homeless and subsequent destruction of “homeless-industrial complex”.

tYervand Kochar’s film “Heal America” documents Ted’s attempt to apply the hard earned lessons of the Dome to healing society and the world. On his journey, Ted is accompanied by Alec, a cynical writer, disillusioned with the American Dream


SGD Films & Rough Road Ventures invite you to the North American premiere of “Heal America”, an exciting documentary about legendary homeless advocate Ted Hayes and his journey home in freedom.

The screening will take place at the Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood on September 28, 2013 at 5:30 pm as a part of the documentary program of the 16th International ARPA Film Festival. A Q&A with Ted Hayes and director Yervand Kochar will follow the screening.
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“Heal America” was an official selection of the Videotheque Section of Sheffield Doc Festival (ranked among the top 5 international documentary festivals.)
The film’s running time is 62 minutes. It will be preceded by a 15 minute documentary and a 5 min music video.

Synopsis: Legendary homeless activist Ted Hayes embarks on a journey to heal America. He is accompanied by Alec, a cynical writer, disillusioned with the American dream.
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