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Today we spoke with Giovanni Marcantoni, co-founder of United Social Sports. With more than 2,500 bocce ball players in Baltimore Maryland, United Social Sports decided to start a Bocce league at North Hollywood Park. Many of us played bocce in our backyards with our families. Now Bocce has become extremely popular throughout the world. It is a very unique game in which everyone could play no matter their age, gender or athletic ability. And now we have Bocce right in our very own big backyard, North Hollywood Park!


What exactly is Bocce?

Bocce is an Italian game first played at the ancient games in the Roman Empire. The object of the game is get your team’s “bocce balls” closer to the Palina “smaller white ball” than the other team. It’s a very simple game, we play on grass, but you can play on clay, sand or turf. You can roll, toss or throw the bocce ball and you can score up to four points per frame. Each team throws four Bocce balls per frame, you get a point for every bocce ball that is closer to the palina than the Bocce balls of the other team. So, if you have four balls that are closer than any of the other teams you get four points.

What gave you the idea to start it in NoHo?

We had been looking for an area in Los Angeles that would embrace a new social sports club and thought that NoHo was the perfect location. Our goal with Bocce was to create a social league with no barriers (age, sex or athletic ability) and I believe North Hollywood will embrace the league and the sport.

How can a person join the league? Can a person play and not join the league?

To join the league you have to register online at, you sign up with a group or as a individual. It’s $50 per person and each person receives a shirt who signs up. We also provide equipment, schedules, insurance, etc. Everyone can come check out our league and play for fun…we always bring extra sets of balls to the field. Also, if you have a friend in the league feel free to come with them for a few weeks to check it out.

What if a person does not know how to play, can they still join?

This league is perfect for beginners, it’s extremely social so everyone will help you out your first week and you will be a pro in no time!

Besides competition what are the other benefits of joining the bocce league?

The main goal of our league is for people to meet other people in a fun/different environment. Our Bocce leagues are one of the few things that everyone in your community can play and get to know each other. We like to be social on the field and off. After each game we will hang out at a local bar. This league’s sponsor is Big Wangs.

If you’re looking to do something different with your friends on Tuesday nightsin North Hollywood or just looking to meet some new people, the Cali Bocce League is the perfect place for you!




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