Nemesis’s “INNOV8”

Nemesis’s “INNOV8”
Nemesis’s “INNOV8”

A NoHo Arts music review Nemesis’s “INNOV8” single.

Los Angeles-based hip hop/R&B artist Nemesis released a brilliant new track, “INNOV8.”  This song feels old school, not old hat though. She throws her beats and her super fast poetic lyrics like fireworks against a backdrop of deep rhythms and scratches. 

Nemesis has an otherworldly energy to her delivery – subtle, insistent, and hard to ignore. She has something to say, and she’s unafraid to say it. This is “conscious hip hop.”  The song has direction, purpose, cause, and the “innovative” way she wields her athletic vocal ability is what gives her swag.

Nemesis’s “INNOV8”
Nemesis’s “INNOV8”

There are plenty of nods to the gods of hip hop, Lauren Hill, Wu Tang Clan, Missy Elliott, but she’s her own artist. Coy when it suits her, bold and persuasive, twisting this deceptively simple around her very capable fingers.

It’s a great track, from an utterly brilliant traditional hip hop artist.  Nemesis’s “INNOV8” is a stellar party track, perfect timing for summer, full octane, unapologetic boom bap beats and soul raising message. Love, love, loved it!!!

Nemesis’s “INNOV8”
Nemesis’s “INNOV8”

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