National Dog Day – August 26

National Dog Day – August 26

National Dog Day, an “unofficial” national holiday, was founded in 2004 by pet lifestyle expert and author Colleen Paige.

It is celebrated every year on August 26. It is a day to show appreciation for our four-legged family member who provides us with unconditional love, joy and genuine friendship. Also, it is the day to recognize dogs that bravely serve in the military and law enforcement. The other goal of National Dog Day is to acknowledge that there are thousands and thousands of homeless dogs desperately needing a loving family before they are abused or lose their lives on the streets or at a city animal shelter.

I wrote this article early because I wanted to give everyone a chance to take part in National Dog Day. Here are a few ways some of our readers thought they would celebrate this very important day…

For your loving dog…
Feed him/her a favorite food, add an extra walk, set appointment with groomer, buy a new collar. To show you care about him/her, be sure to have the right contact info on their collar, go to your vet for a chip and most important don’t leave your dog in your car for even five minutes whether it is hot or not…your dog can be stolen, too.

If your dog has gone to “Rainbow Bridge” which I will call Heaven, light a candle, say a prayer, donate to a rescue group in his/her name. Remember your dog’s life is very short…love him while he/she is here.

For a Homeless dog…
Write/picket your city councilmember to make all City Animal Shelters a “NO KILL” Shelter. Join who is leading the fight to stop the killing of dogs that could be adopted if they were allowed to stay alive.

Coordinate a peaceful demonstration in front of a pet store that buys from puppy mills.

Donate blankets to your local animal shelter or rescue organization.

Volunteer at a rescue organization. They have no paid staff and need your help.

Give your dog a brother or sister – adopt a homeless dog.

Write an article for about what our 85,000 visitors per month should know about our furry angels.

Author: nohoarts