NASA, Earthquakes and Ballet?

Luminario Ballet of Los Angeles Uses Ballet to Tell the Story of Climate Change

TRAILS Luminario Ballet

We love dance. We love dance even more when it touches the entire world. We love dance even more when it touches upon making our world a better place. The NoHo Arts District dot Com team spoke with the folks at Luminario Ballet who has graced the NoHo stage numerous times. We spoke with them about their upcoming project, Trails, a ballet that uses NASA images to tell the story of climate change. Get to know Luminario Ballet, North Hollywood!

Can you tell us a little about the show?
TRAILS will be a ballet and aerial ballet using projected images from NASA starting outside the earth, from the International Space Station, with views of Earth from space. Then it will diagram our planet in drought, on fire, with torrential rains, then Flooding, and… shaking with earthquakes! The terror we all remember, with a reference to the insanity that is fracking- (no way in CA!). Then Traffic and our lives being affected daily by the packed freeways, the dirt and exhaust, and road rage that builds up from it…. going smoothly into the refuge we love the best in LA, the ocean….underwater, to then discover the wreckage from Fukushima’s earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear reactor meltdown, lurking there and slowly coming toward us. It will be a real wake up call!

TRAILS will also be an interactive website- — with a forum/bulletin board to ask questions and offer solutions- where companies, corporations, and homes can go to learn how to green their grounds or buildings; where schools can meet to gather for environmental projects, curriculum, and community service; where artists can show their work on the environment; a place to list exceptional ideas on cleaning up our environment which need funding, and a place for all of us folks to gather to organize meet ups for our own communities. This part of TRAILS will be self perpetuating, and very important to our world, and we are linking through NASA.GOV with Princeton and Yale climate change websites to really spread our ideas around.

California is always a leader- so- let’s lead!


How did you come up with concept of using dance to show the destruction of climate change?
Dance is my language as an artist, and, dance is universally understood by everyone, no matter what language, culture, age, or era they come from. We all communicate to each other with body language every day, even without knowing it- and- so, when we send cultural emmissaries to other countries, dance allows us to be genuine and understood. It allows us to describe urgency, and, climate change makes me feel the need urgently to be understood. I grew up looking at the Jules Feiffer cartoons of the dancer in the black leotards who danced to…. everything that she thought and felt, and, I want our piece to be that too, to describe what we are all thinking and feeling.

What made you decide to use Indy GoGo?
Indiegogo has a non profit department which allows a 501-c-3 dance company such as ourselves to crowdfund (not always allowed with other crowdfunder sites) and takes a smaller percentage from us as a non-profit than a regular for-profit group. Also, indiegogo allows us to keep all our percentage of pledges raised, regardless of whether we reach our goal or not- other crowdfunders do not!

How can the public get this show produced?
Please donate to us! any amount, and as often as desired! The more we raise, the better. That will mean we can present the piece to a broader public.

TRAILS Luminario Ballet

Who is Luminario Ballet and why give to Luminario Ballet to present TRAILS?
In just five short years, Luminario Ballet, the little engine that could, has performed for over 30,000 audience members all over SoCal and premiered our Season four rep shows back East last year, opening the 10th Annual Miami Dance Festival to rave reviews.

We have proven ourselves worthy of fine choreographers, presenting Michael Smuin’s work from San Francisco Ballet, pieces from Lewitzky Dance, and this past year our guest choreographer was Debra Brown, who choreographed 13 of Cirque du Soleil’s 15 shows! Additionally, we support and promote many great CA choreographers such as Josie Walsh, Stefan Wenta, Alexandre Magno, and Judith FLEX Helle. Luminario Ballet is at the forefront of synergizing ballet and aerial dance together on stage, taking this beautiful art form to the next level. Luminario Ballet has done commissions from the LA Philharmonic (Copland’s “Rodeo”, Ginestera’s “Estancias”), International chamber music group Le Salon de Musiques (Schubert’s “Winterreise”), Dana Point Symphony (Stravinsky’s “Firebird”, Tschaikovsky’s “The Tempest”, and Wagner’s “Ride of the Valkyries”), and New Valley Symphony (Tschaikovsky’s “Swan Lake”).

Luminario Ballet is an award-winning, professional ballet and aerial dance company with some of LA’s finest stars of the dance and aerial world.

Luminario Ballet performed at last October’s World Dance Awards and, not only held it’s own, but was, according to Broadway’s superstar Ben Vereen and movie choreographer Paul Becker, “…the highlight of the show!”

Luminario Ballet has proven time and again that the quality of our work is world class, and that we deliver our message to the highest standards around. Your donations will be used wisely- in these budget conscious days, we squeeze every penny three times!

What does the future hold for Luminario Ballet?
This spring finds Luminario Ballet performing in different out of town shows- building our SoCal audience–Santa Barbara at Girls Rock!, Dana Point Harbor for the Festival of Whales with the Dana Point Symphony, ARTWALK San Diego with PKG Dance Project’s dance festival, and a beautiful site specific piece in the historic San Clemente Casa Romantica in late May.

We are very excited to collaborate in 2015 with the New Valley Symphony and the Marat Daukayev Ballet, focussing on TRAILS. And… touring!

Why donate?
What we do matters- it really does.
Donating to TRAILS gives you bragging rights to both ownership of the TRAILS show and the website (YOU funded this!) —and also a platform to express yourself!
To lovers of our environment- this is something you can build and be proud of, take to your child’s school, your city council meeting, your office- and get things DONE!
To artists of all kinds: link up with us, present your ideas about restoring and healing our world on the web forum, and present your films, videos of your work, your poetry or paintings on the environment, so the public will see that our world’s environment MATTERS to us!
We will be heard, and everyone pitching in and donating to this will make it happen. So, do not hesitate, donate now, tell your friends and family to donate, and become part of the solution!

Luminario Ballet of Los Angeles

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