Nancy Wenstrom “Vintage Tears” Single Release

Nancy Wenstrom “Vintage Tears” Single Release
Nancy Wenstrom “Vintage Tears” Single Release

Nancy Wenstrom’s new single release “Vintage Tears” is a beautiful song – sad, but beautiful, with echos of Neil Young and Joan Baez.

Nancy Wenstrom is a veteran musician and rock guitarist, having worked with Bob Weir, Chris Issac, Grace Slick, opening for Huey Lewis, Joe Cocker and the like.  She is also a well-respected songwriter, which is not surprising given that this haunting song is absolute perfection.

Nancy’s new music release, “Vintage Tears” is gentle, gorgeously produced. Its simple melody belying a complex balance of guitars, harmonica and Nancy’s sultry vocals.

The song chugs along happily with its dark centre of heartache. It has a lovely loose, live feel, open, lofty, vital, free.  The best kind of American mellow rock.

This single is off her upcoming, 2020, peri-pandemic recorded album.  Something I am certainly going to look forward to! I imagine this song performed on a dusty stage, late, late at night, with Wenstrom surrounded by musicians as spectacular as she.  The story of her ancient ache, her eternal broken heart pulling her down “in the cellar to hide.”

I love this track. It’s mournful and visceral and mystical with so much truth in it. Painfully, deliciously profound, cinematic and absolutely brilliant!!!

Nancy Wenstrom “Vintage Tears” Single Release
Nancy Wenstrom “Vintage Tears” Single Release

“Vintage Tears” is accompanied by a lyric video visual that brings the powerful lyrical metaphors to life.

Watch the lyric video on Youtube.

Stream on Spotify.

Musician Names/Instruments:

Nancy Wenstrom/ composer, acoustic & electric guitars, lead vocals, BVs,

Joel Jaffe/ electric slide guitar, BVs

Marc Levine/ bass

Billy Johnson/ drums

Hardy Hemphill/ harmonica

Producer Name(s): Nancy Wenstrom, Joel Jaffe


Official Website:

Facebook: https://www.facebook/nancywenstrommusic





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