My Autumn Amor’s “Quiet Girl”

My Autumn Amor’s “Quiet Girl”
My Autumn Amor’s “Quiet Girl”

A review of My Autumn Amor’s “Quiet Girl” EP release.

My Autumn Amor is L.A.-based singer songwriter Thomas Monroe’s moniker and his latest release, “Quiet Girl,” is a rather lovely, quirky, hope-filled EP.  He’s already had a lot of exposure, and been a big hit on over 240 college radio with several different bands. He’s had three songs on KROQ and Alt 98.7, KCSN and even in Tokyo on INTERFM, which is none too shabby.

“Quiet Girl” is full of beautiful reflections and poetic memories, all gorgeously wrapped in perfectly structured wonderfully performed songs.

My Autumn Amor’s “Quiet Girl” is very, very cinematic. Simple, subtle and profoundly commercial…but in a far from crass way.  

It’s pop, deep and lovingly created pop.  Nothing contrived, nothing clingy, just great songs with achingly personal stories and brilliant, creative production.  

Monroe is someone you believe when he sings and when you really listen to his words it just all seems very real.  

Favorite song? “Tempest Eye.” It takes me right back to the 80s, when I was just discovering music, looking for my sound, looking for my niche.  

This EP is retro, but it’s also fresh and entirely its own sound. Each song achingly told with incredible attention to detail. Soundscapes spiraling around the lovely melodies.  Honesty I love this sound and the EP just gets better with each listen!  I’m looking forward to more from My Autumn Amor!

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My Autumn Amor’s “Quiet Girl”

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Samantha Simmonds-Ronceros
Author: Samantha Simmonds-Ronceros

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