MVI’s “In The Rain Shadow”

A NoHo Arts music review of MVI’s “In The Rain Shadow” album release.
A NoHo Arts music review of MVI’s “In The Rain Shadow” album release.

[NoHo Arts District, CA] – A NoHo Arts music review of MVI’s “In The Rain Shadow” album release.

What a wonderful refreshing listen “In The Rain Shadow” is! Fully instrumental, this beautiful album unleashes Mark Vickness and his genius collaborators in all their poignant, inspiring glory. The songs are richly produced but don’t feel stiff. These incredible musicians play effortlessly together, making these brilliantly composed tracks seem fluid and organic.

I love listening to instrumental music at home. I find it infinitely more relaxing and creatively inspiring than anything with vocals. It does something to my brain somehow, it unlocks it. And this particular music, with its myriad of instruments, cello, guitar, drums, oboe, violin and percussion all spiraling around each other in gorgeous arrangements of soulfulness really transports me.

Inspired in fact by the landscape referred to in the title, the Rain Shadow, the sheltered side of a mountain range, the music seems to paint a picture of a place. You can almost hear the wind, see the dust devils dancing, the movement of the grasses and the dipping of the birds from place to place. It’s spiritual, yet not new worldy.

The sense of peace and connection emanating from the magical layering of the sounds, building a universe of music, a landscape of moments reflected in the harmonies and playful, clever dialogues between these fine players.

I loved this album. Perfect for fall and all the million and one things we all need to do with our brains. “In The Rain Shadow” will take you away from the drudgery and give you a welcome window into a world of nature, ancient places and a musical family of incredibly gifted musicians making something beautiful together. Loved it!!!

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Musician Names/Instruments: Mark Vickness/guitar; Mads Tolling/violin; Matt Renzi/winds; Joseph Hebert/cello; Dan Feiszli/bass; Ty Burhoe/tabla; MB Gordy/percussion