Music Reviews: Blueanimal “Rock Bottom” Single Release

Music Reviews: Blueanimal “Rock Bottom” Single Release
Music Reviews: Blueanimal “Rock Bottom” Single Release

Music review of the newest single from Blueanimal, “Rock Bottom.”

I think it’s time for some glorious grunge…probably way passed time given this last terrible year.  So Blueanimal and their latest single release, “Rock Bottom,” is perfectly timed for our increasingly tenuous tether with reality.  

The song is a deep dive into depression, an epidemic with us long before Covid. 

“Rock Bottom” is a gorgeous guitar driven exploration of the emotional waves of rage and self loathing that infiltrate all facets of a life.  

It speaks to the continual struggle to understand, to cope and to find direction with a burden like that.  It’s a strong and meaningful message.  Music has always been able to take pain and make it relatable, to make it connect and inform and heal.

“Rock Bottom” is dark, mythic, beautifully crafted and produced. Subtle, powerful and compelling. 

It feels like Nirvana, Foo Fighters or Soundgarden.  Melodic, purposeful, controlled at times, unleashed at others. Gorgeous guitar and vocals lifting it up.

The “Rock Bottom” single release is also the lead single from Blueanimal’s upcoming album, “Figment That Was Me,”  which I am now really, really looking forward to.  I love to review music like this – personal, storied, full of the many shades of a human life. 

Great job guys! The video is pretty epic, too. Loved it.


Luke Elms (Lead/Background Vocals, Songwriter, Rhythm Guitar, Producer), Matt Lube (Bass Guitar), Ry Kovacevich (Cowrote “This Side of Me,” Lead Guitar. No longer with band but is lead guitarist on the record), Luis Rexach (Current lead guitarist. Background vocalist on “Only A Man”), Aaron Gandia (Drummer, Head Engineer, Producer).


Aaron Gandia, Luke Elms, Blueanimal


Official website: 

Facebook: @blueanimal

Twitter: @BlueAnimalMusic

Instagram: blueanimalband

Spotify: Blueanimal

Youtube Channel: Blueanimal Band

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