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Shooting Pigeons- City of Peace

Manchester alternative rock newcomers Shooting Pigeons have just release their debut EP ‘City of Peace’. Consisting of a mere four tracks, the band really had to focus in on their talents to get people to listen to them; and that is exactly what they did.

The pace varies from the mellow sounds of the opening of ‘City of Peace’ to the more edgy rock sounds of ‘Dirt Poor’. It’s professional, well produced and exciting at times. On tracks like ‘Dirt Poor’ they sound reminiscent of an English version of Funeral Party, which is never a bad thing. They seem to have thought hard about their music and have definitely put their heart and soul into making this EP.

It was really enjoyable to listen to, as each track seemed to vary in its sound but at the same time they kept a lot of their elements throughout out the record. This was probably the strongest point of the whole thing, it is nice to see a new band who are confident in themselves and the music that they make. They showed personality and a good sense of musicianship, and at times this band really sounded like a slightly less indie Bloc Party. The most enjoyable track was ‘Billiken’, it had such a strong sound and seemed that it had come from a more established band.

Overall this album isn’t reinventing any style of music but it is greatly welcomed to the indie and alternative world. Their music is very lively and deserves its place up there with the current bands of today. Go and check these guys out and if alternative rock is your thing you will be very happy you did.