Music Review >> Our Innocence Lost- Like A Complete Unknown

Our Innocence Lost- Like A Complete Unknown

Rock and Metal are one of the few genres that are still thriving with talent. Each new band seems more underrated than the last and Our Innocence Lost release of their brand new album ‘Like A Complete Unknown’, is no exception to that rule.

I liked the general tone of the record, it was crisp and fresh but you still heard some more classic sounds creeping through on the riffs. Vocals wise it was pretty solid, the singer proved himself as being able to hold his own well and came across rather versatile by being able to seemingly switch from clean vocals to screams. It was almost surprising how professional it sounded, not to say that I was expecting bad things but these guys clearly knew what they were doing. They honestly sounded confident in their music and as we all know this can make a world of difference.

The stand out track on the album was ‘Falling To The Ground’. From the guitar intro it felt strong, then switching to the chunky metal riff the song really picked. The lyrics were deep and his vocals were outstanding on the track. The musicianship was also pretty impressive; every beat was placed perfectly to fit one another. However what really did it for me on the track was the constant switch between clean and screaming vocals. They just seem to work together so well creating a mix of emotions within the same song.

The main positive was the musicianship it felt melodic and ballsy. This is band that is clear in who they are and the direction they want to go and it generally does show in their music.

Overall if metal and rock are your thing then you wouldn’t go wrong listening to this album. Some clear hard work and discipline have gone into this CD, it deserves a listen.