Music Review >> Moses Luster – I’m The Lion

Moses Luster is an American musician who’s debut album ‘I’m The Lion’ is something that is unusual to say the least.

It is a mixture of old and new, mixing two very different musical worlds together. The album it self is a good concept, trying to recreate some classic voices and styles with an updated touch to them, but it doesn’t come across great.

His voice doesn’t suit the music he is singing with. The new aged slight electro feel to it, mixed with his old fashioned Tom Waits style voice are just two sounds that shouldn’t have mixed. Something that really stuck out for me was Lusters voice and singing style. All artists draw off influences of their inspirations, but unfortunately this guy just comes across as ripping them off.  His voice sounds forced on certain tracks, like on the chorus of ‘I’m The Lion’. The music whilst not amazing would suit a different vocal style and likewise Luster’s voice does have some real positives but the two together do not compliment each other.

The main negative of this album is the tone of it. Nothing seems to match or flow well together and the whole album just came out really messy. However props need to be given where they are do, the album can’t be knocked for its creativity and uniqueness. They tried something that isn’t really out there, and sadly it didn’t work, but at least they tried.

Overall I think this isn’t the greatest album to be released this year, it has some good things about it, but those good things shouldn’t have mixed.

Rating: 2/10



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