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When bands release a three track EP they really need to get their point across of who they are and what they are about fast due to the time constraints.

Here we have Glaswegian rockers Mercury Underground with their debut self-titled EP doing just that. There is a mixing pot of different rock styles that come with this band, everything from the more classic rock sound to the modern style. Ultimately this band is a modern rock band with hints and dashes of many other styles, giving them just that bit more originality.

The opening track sure does leave a lasting impression. The riff is punchy and hard, it is loud and in your face. Everything about it seems to slot together nicely to create a pretty solid track. What was nice about it was its upbeat fast tone; it had a very exciting atmosphere that came off very nicely. The second song fit in perfectly with the tone of the band, it had strong vocals and great musicianship. I found the chorus extremely catchy and it is one of those songs that you put on repeat and listen to over and over again. The final track has the same punchiness that we are rapidly growing familiar with. Sadly when it finishes it just leaves you wanting to hear more.

The main positive of the EP is its aggressive tone, aggressive in the sense that this band sound very confident with their music. They perform the tracks with an upbeat and edgy tone and this makes them sound not only like competent musicians but also like they believe in what they are doing, which is one of the most important features a band can have. There are no real negatives, granted they may not be everyone’s taste, but if you appreciate real rock music then Mercury Underground have done the genre proud. The strongest track for me was the final track ‘The Great Escape’; it was catchy, fun and well done. It possessed strong qualities on all fronts and just sounds nice to the ears.

All in all it is a great effort for a debut EP, I would definitely giving this band the time to listen to. You will not be disappointed.

Rating: 8/10

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Author: nohoarts