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Good vocals go with just about any genre and can also save many ill composed songs. Luckily James Blake has not only good vocals, but also good instrumentals to go with it. The London born singer-songwriter and producer has recently released his sophomore album ‘Overgrown’ and just like his debut self-titled release ‘James Blake’ he has taken his talents and shared them with the world.

Compared to his last release this album shows more maturity and centred attitude in the music. It is much more of a complete and complex LP. When listening to it, it feels like one long dream experience, with it’s soft and soothing vocals and chilled beats. He mixes soul and electronica in a strange way to present a journey to his audience. With songs like ‘DLM’ really showing his talents as an artist.

The highlight of the entire record without a doubt is the James Blake’s vocals; he sounds like a mixture of Bon Iver and James Vincet McMorrow. He has a voice that could be listened to all day without it getting boring or tedious.

Overall this is more than an ordinary album, it is a piece of artwork. Everything just fits and it is one of the rare few that seem to have something for everyone on it.  ‘Overgrown’ is representing the British music scene in a good way paving way for new artists with different styles to break out in the music industry.

Rating: 9/10