Music Review – Civil Wars

The Civil Wars- The Civil Wars

The Civil Wars self titled LP is the third studio release from the band, and it isn’t the happiest album of the year.

The overall tone is actually rather depressing, however that doesn’t mean it isn’t good. Lyrically it is fantastic, it covers all the right topics and does it well. The alternative folk duo manages to write down pure raw emotion and translate it into music not only lyrically but also instrumentally.

This is probably this year’s best break up record. Songs like ‘Same Old Same Old’ give such a truthful and realistic view on a relationship crumbling. When listening to this band, it isn’t long before you realise they are more than just two people who get together to write music. The way their dynamics work is rather amazing, they bounce off each other in a seamless fashion and  their songs seem so realistic, as if it is just two people having a conversation, as if we are merely eavesdropping on an intimate conversation between to lovers who have seen better days. The way they use their voices together works extremely well and it really isn’t any surprise that they’re a Grammy award-winning band. Each song is a powerful woeful tale, one that is unique and quite original in today’s music market.

Everything about this album is good; the dynamics of both singers mixes their point of views and voices together. The instrumentals, which are an interesting fuse of country, folk and at times hints of indie rock Not to mention the dark, deep and thought provoking lyrics. However there isn’t really one quality about the album that trumps the other, this a CD that is more a cocktail or ingredients that makes it sound as good as it does. The strongest track for me was ‘Devil’s Backbone’, the slow build from a sombre whisky song, into this epic and loud anthem, couldn’t have worked much better. This is hands down the most powerful album to be released this year so far. Go out and get yourself a copy or just listen to a few tracks, you won’t regret it.

Rating: 10/10 –