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Funeral For A Friend has finally released their eagerly anticipated album ‘Conduit’ and things are sounding interesting. This band is without a doubt a huge influence on the current British post-hardcore scene. Their debut CD ‘Casually Dressed & Deep in Conversation’, was of such high quality it has been said by many that the band have never really matched up to the standard they so highly set themselves. As the albums went on we heard the band start to stray from their roots that started it all, not to say they were any less appealing, they just didn’t seem to have that nostalgia that they possessed in their first record. 

With the departure of drummer Ryan Richards we saw former Rise to Remain drummer Pat Lundy fill his seat. The band stated when they were working on new material that they would be taking the band in a heavier direction. This was really interesting to hear, as Ryan Richards actually did all the non-clean vocals on the previous releases.

So how does the new stuff compare? It is actually a really solid album, the band definitely have taken a heavier turn in terms of actual instrumental music. It seems more honest and comfortable than their previous stuff, with the exception of ‘Welcome Home Armageddon’, and they have somewhat returned to their roots. ‘Conduit’ is definitely up their with their debut record, in terms of quality, lyrics, style and general musicianship. The real stand out track of the album was High Castles. The lyrics were probably the best on the whole album and everything about it flowed really well together, ending it all on a high. 

Overall it is a beautiful effort, and it clear to see that Funeral For A Friend is back with a vengeance. This will not leave fans disappointed, and I’m sure it will gain the band many new ones.

Rating: 9/10


Author: nohoarts