Music >> France’s Hypno5e Performs Live at Bonnerhaus

When they landed in Philadelphia after an 8-hour flight from France, Hypno5e’s bassist Gredin and their light guy were denied entry into the US. “Customs wouldn’t let them in,” drummer Thibault Lamy says, smoking a hand-rolled cigarette on the front patio at Bonnerhaus.

It’s a wonder how the Montpellier, France metal band even made it to North Hollywood tonight. Not only did they tour without a bassist on a two-week fall trek of the West Coast with Arsonists Get All the Girls and Exotic Animal Petting Zoo, but a couple nights ago they were involved in an automobile accident, causing some serious damage to their rental car. But despite a string of bad luck and a series of unfortunate events, Hypno5e have found some solace: in metal and chain-smoking. “We just love to play our music,” guitarist/vocalist Emmanuel Jessua says, rolling a smoke with a freshly opened package of tobacco.

A band that has toured Europe with acts like Gojira and The Ocean, we’re thrilled to present to you Hypno5e’s top secret rendezvous at Bonnerhaus, the second installment of our Live at Bonnerhaus performance video series. Says Jessua, “After we play tonight we have to go to LAX and fly back home. Hopefully we don’t have problems with Customs.”

In addition to writing new material, Hypno5e is currently at work on a DVD release and vinyl pressing of their latest album “Acid Mist Tomorrow.” Both are expected out sometime next year.

Photos by Dorothy Gilbert