Mother Ghost’s “Somnambulo”

Mother Ghost’s “Somnambulo”
Mother Ghost’s “Somnambulo”

A review of Mother Ghost’s “Somnambulo” album.

Houston, Texas-based post-punk/industrial Mother Ghost just released their debut album “Somnambulo” on Geodesic Records.  The two brothers, Oscar and Thomas Flores, created this brilliant new wave album pre-covid with producer James Vahslage who sadly passed away before completion. Mother Ghost then connected with Geodesic Records and producer aCr to finish the album. And then covid happened.

Yet, just like the rest of us, the past couple of years are a blur of delay, disappointment and the ache for things to get back to normal, for dreams to reoccur.  But, I have to say that “Somnambulo” is worth the wait. It’s astonishingly good. 

The mix of techno, punk, new wave and their Latin heritage is utterly sublime. Their voices so completely their own, and Oscar and Thomas feel retro and new at the same time. They capture the angst, reveling in the spiraling guitars, the clanging synth, the funky bass and the layers of lovely, hard vocals.

However, Mother Ghost’s “Somnambulo” is an album about something, too – politics, immigration, economic disparity, drug addiction. There’s a lot of darkness in these songs, but just like the 80s brought the darkness with vivid and beautiful music from Joy Division, Nine Inch Nails and New Order.  All brutality and heartbreaking riveting truth, Mother Ghost rips open their hearts and gives us everything.

I love this. It’s raw and savage and absolutely brilliant. I can’t wait for this seemingly endless pandemic to end so music like Mother Ghost’s “Somnambulo” can get back on the road and show us how truly incredible they are.

Favorite track, “Brundlefly” – gorgeous!

Mother Ghost’s “Somnambulo”
Mother Ghost’s “Somnambulo”

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Oscar Flores: Guitars and Vocals

Thomas Flores: Bass, Programming, and Synths

Label: Geodesic Records

Producer Name: James Vehslage








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Samantha Simmonds-Ronceros
Author: Samantha Simmonds-Ronceros

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